Best Coffee Makers Under $100!

7 Best Coffee Makers Under $100 | Expert Analysis

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Not all of us can spend a fortune to buy the perfect coffee machine, no matter how much we want to. High-end coffee makers can be expensive, especially if they offer you multiple features. However, you can get some excellent coffee makers under $100 as well! Even though these machines are pocket-friendly, there is no compromise on quality and taste. In fact, they are just as good as their pricier counterparts when it comes to brewing.

Let’s get going with a buying guide on coffee makers under $100 followed by our recommended picks. After thorough analysis, we recommend the following as the best coffee makers under $100.

  1. BLACK+DECKER CM0700B 5-Cup Coffee Maker
  2. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker
  3. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
  4. Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker
  5. Chefman 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
  6. Mr. Coffee 2134286 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker
  7. Amaste Drip Coffee Maker
Best Coffee Makers Under $100 | Comparison Table
Coffee Maker
Note-Worthy Features
BLACK+DECKER CM0700B Coffee Maker
5 Cups
Plastic and Glass
600 Watts
  • Sneak-a-Cup Feature
  • Strong Glass Carafe
  • Value for Money
Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker
1 Cup
1500 Watts
  • Best-Seller
  • Compact Cofee Maker
  • K-Pod / Travel Mug Friendly
Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 PerfecTemp Programmable Coffeemaker
14 Cups
Stainless Steel and Glass
1100 Watts
  • No Compromise on Flavor
  • Automatic Coffee Maker
  • High Capacity
Mr. Coffee Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker
10 Cups
Stainless Steel
1300 Watts
  • Gold-Tone Filter for Better Tasting Coffee
  • Delay Brew Feature
  • 20% Faster Coffee Brewing
Chefman Programmable Coffee Maker
12 Cups
1000 Watts
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Reusable Coffee Filter
  • Anti-Drip Function
Mr. Coffee 2134286 Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker
5 Cups
650 Watts
  • Auto-Pause
  • Lift and Clean Filter Basket
  • Visible Water Window
Amaste Drip Coffee Maker
2 Cups
600 Watts
  • Retro Style Coffee Maker
  • 30-Min Warm Feature
  • Drip Coffee Machine

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Maker Under $100

Budget-friendly coffee makers need to have certain features to be included on this list. While most of us expect the bare minimum from low-budget coffee makers, they can offer you so much more. Let’s take a look at the essential features you need to look out for when selecting a cheap coffee maker.

Brew Taste and Strength

When purchasing a coffee maker, regardless of its price, it is essential to ensure it comes with the option of “full extraction.” This ensures that the coffee’s taste remains rich and flavorful without being watered down. A high-quality coffee maker will consistently deliver a satisfying and full-bodied taste.

However, some coffee enthusiasts might prefer an even stronger brew. Hence, it’s advisable to look for coffee makers that offer additional options for strong and bold coffee strength.

The good news is that all the coffee makers featured on our list provide the flexibility to adjust the brew strength making them excellent choices for coffee makers under $100. With these options at your disposal, you can tailor your coffee to suit your taste preferences perfectly.

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User Friendliness

One of the great advantages of budget-friendly coffee makers is their simplicity and ease of use. With straightforward controls, even those new to coffee brewing can operate them effortlessly. While they may lack advanced features found in more expensive models, some budget options do offer programmability and freshness timers. It’s crucial that these features come with an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface.

After all, the purpose of these extra features is to enhance convenience, not add unnecessary complexity. If you find yourself struggling to navigate the machine and its functions, then the added features become less valuable. Therefore, it’s wise to prioritize user-friendly machines, especially if you aren’t too tech-savvy.

By opting for a coffee maker with a simple interface, you can enjoy the benefits of programmability and timers without any hassle. This helps you enjoy a cup of coffee without any hassle!


Sometimes, you get something affordable, but the quality deteriorates quickly, and before you know it, you are left with a broken machine. This does not have to be the case with all coffee makers though. Even if a coffee maker is inexpensive, it should be durable and robust. Look for stronger carafes, preferably thick ones. Some of the models on our list feature DuraLife carafes, which are destined to last for several months, if you take care of them properly.

Apart from the carafe, the machine itself needs to be durable. Since most of the coffee makers under $100 bracket are compact and small, they can easily get a hit of the hand and fall down. In case this happens, the machine should be strong enough to resist this impact. We have specifically picked those coffee makers which match this criteria.

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Safety Features

No coffee machine should have any sort of compromise on safety features. While not all coffee makers offer safety features like auto shut-off, they can be quite useful, especially if you are busy and have children around.

Sometimes we forget to turn off an appliance, and it remains on for hours on end. This not only wastes electricity but is also a safety hazard. Always opt for machines that do have this feature.


The capacity of the coffee machine you buy depends on the number of people it caters to. For one person, a single-serve coffee machine works best. You can find numerous single-serve coffee makers for under 100. For example, the Keurig K-Mini is an excellent choice for a single-serve coffee maker.

If you are living with two to three people, opt for a 5-cup coffee maker. These are perfect for small offices as well. For even more people, go for a 12-cup or 10-cup coffee maker. We have talked about opting for the right capacity in our guide to the best 4-cup coffee makers.

Coffee being poured out of a coffee maker with coffee beans on a white background
Coffee being poured out of a coffee maker | Canva


You probably think that only expensive coffee machines allow you to brew your coffee 24 hours in advance, but that is not the case at all! Some fantastic models like the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 and the Mr. Coffee 10-cup Coffee Maker also offer programmability for under $100. Who says you have to compromise on extra specs?

A few coffee makers with a low price tag come with a freshness meter that tells you how long ago the coffee was brewed. Besides, there is also the brew-stop feature which lets you stop the brewing process mid-way to pour a cup. All these features ease your daily routine and so it is best that you look for coffee makers who have them.

Easy to Clean

All coffee makers need to be easy to clean. With so much on our plates, we hardly ever have time to give our coffee makers a thorough cleansing session. Therefore, it is vital that the coffee machines are easy to clean. Look for those with dishwasher-safe removable components for an easier cleaning experience. Be sure to read our guide on cleaning a coffee maker without using vinegar.

Expert Recommendation on Best Coffee Makers Under $100

Let’s dig deep into each of these machines and evaluate why the reasons why they are considered the best ones. Read the following detailed reviews and pick a coffee maker that suits your requirements.

BLACK+DECKER CM0700B 5-Cup Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER CM0700B 5-Cup Coffee Maker


Compact and Lightweight

✅ High Quality Carafe

✅ Ergonomic Handle

✅ Keeps Coffee Warm

✅ Easy to Use


❌ No Auto Shut-off

❌ No Permanent Filter Basket


BLACK+DECKER CM0700B 5-Cup Coffee Maker, Compact Design

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Our Recommendation: Top Rated Coffee Maker Under $100.

We highly recommend this coffee maker for a small family due to the limited capacity. Black + Decker is a well known brand of coffee makers and most buyers are happy with the quality they offer. 

When it comes to the best-rated coffee makers under $100, we can never forget Black+Decker’s compact and handy coffee maker. The CM0700B is a compact and lightweight coffee maker that is perfect for every kitchen. If you are willing to compromise on a few bells and whistles in exchange for a good deal, look no further.

Brew Quality: The coffee maker’s ability to brew up to 5 cups while maintaining an optimal temperature ensures a rich and flavorful extraction, resulting in delicious coffee that satisfies your taste buds every time.

Build Quality: The inclusion of a durable dura life glass carafe is a standout feature, guaranteeing longevity and strength. The carafe’s ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and minimizes the risk of accidental spills. It helps in accommodating both left-handed and right-handed users with ease.

Size and Design: With its super compact design, this coffee maker is a perfect fit for any kitchen or limited counter space. Its portability and small footprint make it a favorite among students and RV owners, providing a convenient and reliable coffee solution on the go or in cramped spaces like dorm rooms.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The removable filter basket’s user-friendly design makes it a breeze to clean. Its compatibility with paper filters enhances convenience. The dishwasher-safe feature further simplifies maintenance, making it an excellent choice for those seeking hassle-free coffee preparation.

Use: Effortless one-button operation simplifies the brewing process, making it a preferred option for users of all ages. The intuitive interface ensures that you can enjoy your coffee without any unnecessary complexities or confusion.

Extra Features: The ‘sneak-a-cup’ feature is a thoughtful addition, allowing you to pause the coffee flow to pour a cup without spills. This functionality is particularly beneficial for those who can’t wait for the entire brewing process to finish.

Safety Features: While this coffee maker boasts several exceptional features, the absence of an ‘auto-shut off’ function raises a safety concern. This feature is crucial in preventing accidents and conserving energy, and its omission may be a drawback for safety-conscious users.


  • Dimensions – 8.2 x 7.25 x 10.75 Inches
  • Weight – 3.74 Pounds
  • Capacity – 5 Cups or 40 Ounces
  • Sneak-a-Cup Feature
  • Colors: Black / White

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker


Compact and Has Cord Storage

✅ Multiple Cup Sizes Offered

Well Known Brand

One-Touch Brewing System

Easy to Carry


❌ Only Suitable for One Person



Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

Our Recommendation: Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker Under $100.

If you need a coffee maker for just one person, this one is a blind buy we recommend! It’s a Keurig and is ranked as the Best-Seller in Single-Serve Coffee Maker Category. 94% of the users were satisfied with this coffee maker. It offers the right value for money while giving no compromise on the quality of coffee.

Keurig has introduced some fantastic coffee makers. However, most of them cost more than $100. Most of the lower-price models are single-serve coffee makers. The Keurig K-Mini is one of their best and most durable single-serve creations. It is perfect both as a gift as well as for personal use. Let’s see what makes the Keurig K-mini the best single-cup coffee maker under $100.

Brew Quality: Despite its compact size, the K-Mini impressively extracts maximum flavor from coffee grounds. This ensures a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee.

Color Options: The K-Mini offers a range of funky and fun colors, including poppy red, studio grey, dusty rose, evergreen, black, and oasis, allowing you to add a touch of personality to your countertop.

Compact Size: Measuring only 5 inches wide, the K-Mini’s small footprint ensures it fits perfectly on any countertop or even a tiny table in a dorm room, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space. Besides, with its straightforward design and minimal buttons, the K-Mini is easy to operate and clean, providing a hassle-free coffee brewing experience for users.

Durability: Users have praised the K-Mini’s sturdiness and durability, as it remains reliable and performs well over an extended period, making it a worthy long-term investment.

Fast Brewing: The K-Mini’s swift brewing time of 2-3 minutes ensures you can enjoy a fresh and hot cup of coffee, making it perfect for quick mornings or busy schedules.

Portable Design: Equipped with cord storage, the K-Mini is easily transportable and can be conveniently stored without occupying excessive counter space.

Single-Person Use: It’s important to note that the K-Mini is designed for single-person use, making it less suitable for larger households or those needing to brew multiple cups simultaneously.

K-Cup Pod Compatibility: The K-Mini accommodates most K-cup pods, offering a wide variety of coffee options to try and enjoy.

Travel Mug Friendly: The K-Mini can easily fit a standard travel mug, though exceptionally tall mugs may not be compatible due to its compact size.

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  • Dimensions – 13.19 x 5.55 x 14.37 Inches
  • Weight – 4.6 Pounds
  • Capacity – 1 cup or 12 oz.
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Auto-off Feature
  • Uses K-cup Pods

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker


Durable carafe

✅ High capacity

Smart Features

4-Hour Safety Shutdown

✅ Fully Automatic


❌ Hot Plate is Delicate


Cuisinart Coffee Maker, 14-Cup Glass Carafe, Fully Automatic for Brew Strength Control & 1-4 Cup Setting, Stainless Steel, DCC-3200P1

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Rating: 4.8 / 5.

Our Recommendation: Best Programmable Coffee Maker Under $100.

This coffee maker is specifically designed for a large family as it has a capacity of 14 cups. Features like automatic brewing and auto shut-off make it a worthy purchase.

The Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 is one of the best coffee makers under $100 because it offers programmability and other perks that are usually offered by more expensive models. In such a low price range, you get a 14-cup capacity and automatic brewer. If that is not enough to convince you that this is the best programmable coffee maker under 100, keep reading as we tell you more!

Brew Quality: Users have praised the Cuisinart DCC-3200 for its consistent, full extraction, and well-balanced flavor, delivering satisfying coffee with each brew.

Build Quality: The stainless steel carafe and handle enhance the coffee maker’s build quality, ensuring durability and longevity, making it a reliable addition to any kitchen.

Ease of Use: The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is appreciated for its user-friendly design, featuring simple controls and intuitive interface, making it easy to operate and maintain.

Capacity: With a generous 14-cup capacity, the coffee maker caters to large families and office settings, making it an economical choice for multiple users.

Size and Design: Its visually appealing stainless steel carafe complements various kitchen styles, and its compact design ensures it fits well on countertops without taking up excessive space.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Users appreciate the easy-to-clean parts and descaling options, making maintenance a hassle-free experience.

Extra Features: The programmability stands out as the most loved feature, allowing users to set the brew time up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring a convenient and ready-to-drink cup of coffee in the morning.

Safety Features: The auto shut-off feature, which activates after 4 hours, ensures safety and energy conservation, enhancing peace of mind during use.

Customer Reviews: Positive feedback from users further reinforces the Cuisinart DCC-3200’s value, highlighting its ability to consistently brew flavorful coffee and its affordability as a budget-friendly option.


  • Dimensions – 7.75 x 9 x 14 inches
  • Weight – 9 pounds
  • Capacity – 14 cups (105-112 oz.)
  • Hot plate present
  • 24 hours programmable
  • Water window present
  • 2 brew-strength options

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker


Tells You Freshness of Coffee

✅ Easy to Clean

✅ Removable Reservoir

✅ Full Flavor Extraction

✅ Strong Brew Selector


❌  Don’t Fill to the Maximum Limit or It Can Leak

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Our Recommendation: Best Coffee Maker Under 100 with Maximum Features.

The main reason why this coffee maker made it to our list is because of the extensive functions such as full flavor extraction and strong brew selector. These features were only present in this coffee maker and not others in this price range.

Our special list of coffee makers under $100 seems incomplete without including at least one Mr. Coffee Coffee maker! This machine is one of the best you can get on this budget as it offers great quality coupled with programmable features. Let’s see how good this machine really is.

According to several users, this Mr. Coffee coffee maker has the best timer function you can find.  The timer is for the ‘brew later’ option, which lets you program the machine to start brewing before time. Thus, when you wake up, a steaming cup of coffee will be ready to gulp. There is also a freshness timer which shows you how long ago the coffee was brewed. This feature is actually pretty unique in a budget-friendly coffee maker. You could say that Mr. Coffee offers premium features in the lowest price range.

Brew Quality: Users praise the machine for its consistent, full extraction, and well-balanced flavor, with options for both strong and regular brews, ensuring a phenomenal coffee taste that never waters down.

Brewing Time: The coffee maker’s efficient brewing process is a plus, especially for busy mornings. The auto-pause feature allows quick cup grabs while brewing. You can have an amazing coffee in under 3 minutes.

Build Quality: The machine’s double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe contributes to its durability, keeping coffee warm for extended periods, while the removable reservoir adds to its ease of cleaning.

Use: With simple controls and an intuitive interface, this Mr. Coffee machine proves to be user-friendly and convenient to operate.

Capacity: Boasting a 10-cup capacity, the coffee maker caters to larger brewing needs, suitable for families or offices.

Size and Design: The machine’s compact size and design allow it to fit well in various kitchens, while its modern appearance complements different styles.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The removable reservoir simplifies refilling and cleaning, while the water filtration system contributes to the overall maintenance ease.

Extra Features: The coffee maker offers desirable extra features like programmability, auto-pause, and a water filtration system, making it a value-packed choice.

Safety Features: Although not mentioned explicitly, users can look for safety aspects like auto shut-off, which is commonly found in coffee makers and ensures added safety.

Customer Reviews: Positive feedback from users about the flavor extraction, easy cleaning process, and additional features solidify this Mr. Coffee machine as one of the best coffee makers under $100, aligning with the advice provided.

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  • Dimensions – 12.36 x 10.79 x 15.98 inches
  • Weight – 11.18 pounds
  • Material – Stainless steel
  • Capacity – 10 cups or 80 ounces
  • Double-walled thermal stainless steel carafe
  • Programmable brewing
  • Water filtration
  • Auto-pause feature

Chefman 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Chefman 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker


Compact Design

✅ 1-Year Warranty

✅ Easy to Clean

✅ One-Touch Brewing System

✅ Dishwasher Safe Components


❌  Small Area to Pour Water in


Chefman 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Rating: 4.8 / 5.

Our Recommendation: Best Automatic Coffee Machine Under $100.

With several high-tech features under a low price tag, this coffee maker surely does the job of preparing you a cup of joe with maximum convenience. It is ranked as a top Amazon’s Choice product too.

Now here is another large capacity coffee maker to suit your needs. The Chefman 12-cup coffee maker offers a unique technology that ensures a fresh brew every time. This Chefman coffee maker is yet another one of the best programmable coffee makers you can find.

The most loved excellent feature of this machine is that all the components are dishwasher safe. Thus, cleaning the machine is a breeze. Also, the 1-year warranty puts buyers at ease. It features a digital display and one-touch brewing. The display is vibrant, and the controls are simple to use. You can program the Chefman coffee maker to brew coffee up to 24 hours in advance! It is remarkable how this machine offers smart features at such a low price.

The carafe is sturdy and robust as well. The carafe’s spout is designed in a way that minimizes spills. The handle is cool-touch and does not heat up even if the carafe is hot. The carafe is perfect for both left-handed and right-handed people.

This coffee maker also features a reusable coffee filter, so you do not have to get new coffee filters every time. This saves money and also is better for the environment. Many users say that the reusable coffee filter was such a help as they could say goodbye to wasteful paper filters.

The Chefman 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker looks elegant, sleek, and simple. It is not too flashy and blends well in any kitchen interior. Even though it is made of plastic, the machine still looks just as good as steel and glass models. However, some users did not like the small area from where the water is poured.

Brew Quality: The Chefman coffee maker is lauded for its consistent, full extraction, and well-balanced flavor, providing a satisfying coffee experience.

Build Quality: The coffee maker’s durable construction and sturdy carafe ensure longevity and a spill-resistant experience with its thoughtfully designed spout and cool-touch handle.

Use: The digital display and simple controls make the Chefman coffee maker easy to use and program, while the dishwasher-safe components add to the convenience of cleaning and maintenance.

Capacity: The 12-cup capacity caters to larger households or office use, making it suitable for brewing coffee in sufficient quantities.

Size and Design: Featuring an elegant, sleek, and compact design, the coffee maker seamlessly complements any kitchen interior and fits well on countertops.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The dishwasher-safe components, including a reusable coffee filter, make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, reducing waste and saving money.

Extra Features: The coffee maker boasts programmability for up to 24 hours in advance, offering added convenience and smart features at an affordable price.

Safety Features: While specific safety features are not mentioned, the dishwasher-safe and spill-resistant design contribute to a safe and user-friendly experience.

Customer Reviews: Considering customer reviews, the Chefman 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker receives positive feedback for its performance, ease of use, and value for money. This makes it a promising choice for budget-conscious coffee enthusiasts.


  • Dimensions – 7.25 x 8.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight – 2.1 pounds
  • Material – Plastic
  • Reusable Coffee Filter
  • Anti-drip Function
  • Programmable

Mr. Coffee 2134286 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 2134286 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker


Cheapest Coffee Maker in Our List

✅ Suitable for a Couple

✅ Water Window Visible

✅ Lift and Clean Filter System

✅ Lightweight


❌  No Auto Shut-Off


Mr. Coffee 2134286 ® 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker, White

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5.

Our Recommendation: Best Simple Coffee Machine Under $100.

This coffee machine made it to our list because it is easy to use, clean, and adjust according to one’s preferences. It is the cheapest coffee maker in our list which is why it is suitable for anyone not wanting to spend even 50 bucks on a coffee maker.

Another great coffee maker by Mr. Coffee is this 5-cup mini switch coffee machine. Perfect for small families and offices, this machine offers rich-tasting coffee at a meager price. It costs under $50 and is still a must-have if you are low on a budget.

Brew Quality: Users have rated the Mr. Coffee 2134286 with 4.5 stars for its rich-tasting coffee, indicating consistent, full extraction, and a satisfying flavor profile.

Build Quality: Despite its affordable price, the Mr. Coffee 2134286 boasts durable materials and construction, ensuring longevity and reliable performance over time.

Use: With simple controls and an intuitive interface, this coffee maker offers a user-friendly experience, making it easy to operate and enjoy your favorite brew.

Capacity: The 5-cup capacity, equivalent to 25 oz., makes it an ideal choice for small families, offices, dorm rooms, and RVs, providing sufficient coffee to meet your needs.

Size and Design: The compact design of the Mr. Coffee 2134286 allows it to fit perfectly in limited spaces like dorm rooms or on desks, and its ergonomic carafe handle receives praise from users.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The lift and clean filter basket simplifies cleaning, adding to the overall convenience of this coffee maker.

Extra Features: The Grab-a-cup and auto-pause feature allows you to pause the brewing process midway and pour a cup, offering flexibility in portion size.

Safety Features: Although lacking an auto shut-off feature, the presence of a power indicator light ensures you know when the machine is on.

Customer Reviews: With many positive reviews, this coffee maker has garnered user acclaim for its affordable price and features, making it an excellent choice for couples or small families seeking a budget-friendly yet reliable coffee maker.


  • Dimensions – 7.15 x 10 x 10.7 inches
  • Weight – 3.15 pounds
  • Capacity – 5 cups or 25 oz.
  • Ergonomic Carafe
  • Color Choices: Black / White
  • Supports Brew-Pause Option

Amaste Drip Coffee Maker

Amaste Drip Coffee Maker


Compact and Lightweight

✅ Does Not Water Down Coffee

✅ User-Friendly Interface

✅ 1-Year Warranty


❌  Retro Design is Not Classy.

Amaste Coffee Maker, 25 Oz Drip Coffee Machine

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Rating: 4.3 / 5.

Our Recommendation: Best Drip Coffee Maker Under 100.

If you are looking for a cute retro-style coffee maker, this is the right one. However, keep in mind that it is only suitable for one person, although the company claims it can be used to make 3 cups.

The Amaste drip coffee maker may look old-fashioned, but it is one of the top rated coffee makers under $100 because of the quality it has to offer. It’s a retro-style coffee maker with a stylish glass coffee carafe that will look great in your home, dorm room, or your office. This Coffee Maker allows you to make drinks similar to cappuccinos and lattes, among other coffee beverages.

Brew Quality: The Amaste drip coffee maker delivers a smooth and well-balanced flavor with consistent and full extraction, making it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking quality brews.

Brewing Time: Users have praised the quick brewing process as it helps you prepare a cup in under 5 minutes.

Build Quality: The coffee maker’s retro-style design with a stylish glass carafe not only looks great but also ensures durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your kitchen or office.

Use: With its simple one-button operation and easy-to-clean parts, this coffee maker offers a user-friendly experience that is highly appreciated by users.

Capacity: While the 3-cup capacity might be smaller for some users, it is well-suited for single-person use, making it a compact and convenient option for individuals.

Size and Design: The compact design allows it to fit in small spaces like dorm rooms or dressers, and the retro-style appearance adds a touch of elegance to any setting.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The reusable coffee filter, anti-drip construction, and easy-view water gauge simplify cleaning and maintenance, reducing the hassle for users.

Extra Features: The Amaste coffee maker offers additional features such as the ability to make cappuccinos and lattes, as well as an auto-off function for added safety and convenience.

Safety Features: The auto-off feature provides peace of mind when leaving the house. It ensures the coffee maker shuts off automatically after use.

Customer Reviews: Positive feedback from users highlights the coffee maker’s reliability, ease of use, and ability to keep coffee warm for up to 30 minutes.

Lastly, this coffee maker is so compact that it will even fit on your dresser. The capacity might be a little less for most users, but it is great for single-person use. The few flaws aside, this machine offers practically everything you could possibly need in an affordable coffee maker.

Based on all these aspects, we can safely say that this is the best drip coffee maker under $100.


  • Dimensions – 7.8 x 6.3 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight – 3.96 pounds
  • Capacity – 3 cups or 25 oz.
  • Anti-drip design
  • Auto shut-off
  • Hot plate present

Expert Recommendation

While we do not expect much from coffee makers in the $100 range, all the coffee makers on our list are fantastic and even offer extra perks in addition to excellent brewing capabilities. If your priority is a single-serve, affordable coffee maker, then the Keurig K-Mini will be perfect for you as it is the best single-serve coffee maker under $100.

However, if you are looking for a medium-capacity coffee maker for 2-3 people, then go for the Amaste Drip Coffee Maker, the Mr. Coffee 2134286 or the Black+Decker CM0700B. Both of them are highly recommended for small families and offices as they offer a 3-5 cups capacity. Both of them are compact, so they will be an excellent addition to any counter space.

Now for those of you looking for additional smart features such as programmability, we recommend the Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker, the Chefman 12-Cup Coffee Maker and the Cuisinart DCC3200P1 Coffee Maker. These will let you program your machine up to 24 hours in advance so you can have a cup of java ready in the morning. They have a much higher capacity compared to others in are list. Thus, these two are recommended for larger families and offices.

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All the coffee makers on our list are spectacular in terms of quality and coffee taste. While you may not see high-end features like multiple brew strength options or milk frothers in these machines, they are still pretty good at what they do. They are undoubtedly the best coffee makers under $100 as they provide seamless operation, convenience, and ease of use all in one package.

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