How to Make Americano at Home? Best Methods and Tips

It is estimated that over 150 million people have coffee in their daily diets. However, not even 10% of these people drink an Americano.  An Americano is a type of coffee made from adding water to dilute an espresso shot. No addition of milk and sugar means this coffee is not something everyone can drink.  If you’re an Americano lover or are wanting to try the coffee without the expense and effort of going to a café, worry not. Here’s how to make Americano at home.

What Does an Americano Taste Like?

Americano has a piquant taste of coffee maybe because it is made purely from it. People describe an Americano as the best cure for fatigue, as the taste is sharp to the tongue and freshens up the mind. Americano is bland for some people but coffee lovers tend to not pay much attention to it. Another thing about Americano that has led to its decrease in popularity is the fact that it is too oily. Indeed, some people, including baristas recommend brewed coffee, instead of an Americano. It seems unnecessary when you can enjoy the same taste with brewed coffee. However, Americano lovers love the coffee nonetheless, and if you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place.

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Methods to Make Americano at Home

French Press

Americano is a diluted espresso. A cup of Americano normally requires two shots of espresso, although you are free to modify the ratio as you like.  If you’re worried about making the espresso shot, fret not, because it’s surprisingly simple. While you need to use an espresso machine to make an espresso shot, you can always use a French press as an alternative.

Another Americano recipe without a machine is to use instant coffee. Take note that both these methods do not make espresso shots. A genuine espresso shot can only be made using a machine. This is because it is impossible to mimic the high pressure required to push the water through the ground beans. The methods we have listed above can be used to make an extremely close copy of the Americano. This way you can enjoy an Americano at home. You can read more about the methods to make an espresso shot at home here- 2 Easy Ways To Make an Espresso Shot at Home

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Aero Press

Another very easy way by which you can get a cup or cafe-like Americano is to use an aero press. All you have to do is boil some water on the stove and grind the coffee beans. An Aero press works differently from a French press as you have to fix it to the top of your cup. The machine does not have a collection chamber of its own. Add two tablespoons of ground coffee beans and a cup of hot water to the Aero Press. Mix them both then leave them to rest for around 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, fill a coffee cup half with water. Press down the plunger to extract the coffee into the cup. There you have it, a cup of Americano.

Moka Pot

Moka pot is another method in our list of Americano recipes without a machine. Just grind your coffee beans to make a double shot of espresso. You need to have around 18 to 20 grams of fine grounds prepared. Fill your Moka pot with water up to the fill line, and then add these grounds in the basket and flatten the top. Make sure you do not tamp the grounds because this will prevent the coffee from flowing to the top half. Place your Moka pot on the stove at medium heat. Let it rest for about 3 minutes and gradually you’ll see the coffee filtering into the top half. Heat about 3 ounces of water while the coffee is brewing. Pour the water into a cup of your choice, and then just slowly pour the espresso in.

Drip Coffee Maker

All you have to do is fill the jug of the drip coffee maker with water for heating. Place the finely ground coffee into the filter, and then pour in hot water until the grounds are covered in it. Wait for almost 30 seconds for the grounds to completely absorb the water. After 30 seconds, simply pour in more water and wait until the espresso drips out. Fill a cup with 3 ounces of hot water, and add the espresso to it to enjoy a cup of Americano.

Types of Americano

Red Eye Americano

This Americano is made using drip coffee and an espresso shot. It doesn’t require hot water and instead uses brewed coffee. This coffee is extremely strong, and bitter in flavor because it contains extra caffeine. All you require is an ounce of finely ground coffee, 0.6 ounces of medium grounds, and approximately 12 ounces of water. Use a drip coffee maker to brew the coffee, and right after it is done brew a shot of espresso using any of the methods stated earlier. Once you have followed all the steps, simply mix the drip coffee and espresso shot. There you have it, a homemade Americano.

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Black Eye Americano

This is exactly similar to the ted eye Americano. It is made with espresso and brewed coffee too, however, there is a slight change. Black eye Americano simply contains 2 shots of espresso instead of one.

White Americano

Another variation of Americano is white Americano. This coffee is nothing special and is simply an Americano with milk.  Follow the steps given above to make an easy Americano, and add a splash of milk on top to lighten the flavor. The milk can be cold or hot, there are no restrictions.

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Iced Americano

Brew two shots of espresso and while it is in process, pour 3 ounces of cold water into a cup. Once the espresso is prepared, pour it over the cold water and add 2 to 3 ice cubes. You can stir the drink but it is better to avoid doing so. Iced Americano is drunk without milk or sugar.

Tips for the Best Americano

  • Get good coffee beans. This may cost you more, but the quality of the beans does make a difference. When espresso is diluted to make an Americano, its flaws are more noticeable so it is advisable you use good quality, perfectly roasted coffee beans for the best flavor.
  • It is best to measure the amounts of the ingredients before making an Americano. This will make the perfect cup of Americano every time. For a double espresso shot, use about 16 to 18 grams of finely ground coffee beans.


Why wait in the long lines in cafes when you can make your cup of Americano at home? All it takes is 20 minutes, and these methods are not only cheap, but they are also easy to follow. So don’t walk out in the cold for your morning boost of caffeine, follow our recipes and make your own Americano at home.

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