Preparing cappuccino at home is quite easy

The Easiest Cappuccino Recipe to Make at Home

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Cappuccino is nothing more than a combination of an espresso shot and steamed milk. It is one of the most consumed coffees globally. Cappuccino is not only cheap but also easy to prepare. However, if you follow the best cappuccino recipe, you will surely benefit from the exceptional taste. Here, we’ve brought you a cappuccino recipe step by step.

How to Make a Cappuccino at Home


1/3 cup espresso shot

1/3 cup steamed milk

1/3 milk foam


Add your espresso shot to your cup, and add milk till it reaches your desired taste. Top the cup with milk foam, and serve while hot. You can use warm and frothed milk, instead of steamed milk. This is the perfect cappuccino recipe without a machine.

Step 1

The first step is to start by making an espresso shot. An espresso shot is usually made by pushing boiling water through coffee grounds at high pressure. Originally, an espresso shot is made by an espresso machine. However, there are ways to copy the perfect espresso shot at home. Here is the recipe for the easiest ways to make an espresso shot, both using a French press and instant coffee – How to Make Espresso Shot at Home?

Preparation of espresso shot for making cappuccino.

Step 2

While the espresso is in process, turn your attention towards frothing the milk. You can choose any of the methods mentioned below. While milk is usually frothed using an espresso machine, here’s what you can do if you’re following our Cappucino recipe without a machine.

Use a whisk.

Pour the hot milk into a bowl and tilt it to the side. Dip the whisk and start whisking until you feel you have achieved the desired consistency. Tap the bowl on any hard surface to get rid of the bubbles formed. Whisked milk is a simple solution to making a cappuccino without any mess.

A jar. Pour the milk into a jar. Spin or shake the jar vigorously until the milk froths. This should take about 30 to 50 seconds of shaking. Once you can see the bubbles formed, and the milk becoming foamy, it is ready to be used. However, milk frothed like this cannot be used to create latte art.

Hand mixer. This way is perhaps the easiest, given you have the required equipment. All you have to do is pour your milk into a bowl. Make sure your grip on the jar is tight, immerse the whisk into the bowl, and switch it on high. It will be a matter of seconds before you will find your milk all creamy and foamy. It is then ready to be poured into the coffee.

French Press. A French Press helps to make foamier milk and is one of the best techniques to froth milk. After the milk is poured into the container, put back the lid and get the plunger into action by moving it up and down. Keep plunging until the milk becomes frothy. When the milk doubles its previous size, it is ready to be heated and used.

There are many ways of frothing the milk including French Press

Electric handheld milk frother. Inject your wand into the milk and turn the machine on. The milk will start to rise. Turn the gadget off after the milk is perfectly frothed. You can then warm the milk and use it.

Immersion hand blender. Just push the blender in and turn it on. You can stop when the milk has achieved your texture of choice. Pick a long, deep cup or bowl to froth the milk. Otherwise, the immersion blender will send milk flying everywhere, creating a mess in your kitchen.

Hand pump frother. Use hot milk and pour it into the frother. Then pull and push the handle vigorously, for about a minute. You will start to see the milk foaming up, and you can continue till it is your consistency of choice.

Blender. For this method, make sure the milk you use is scalding. Pour the milk into the jar of the blender. Hold the lid of the blender to prevent the milk from spraying out. Blend on high speed, until the milk froths. This method creates tiny, countless foamy bubbles.

Step 3

Once you’re done with the espresso shot and frothed milk, it’s time to make the cappuccino.  Pour your espresso shot into a cup, and add milk as per your liking. You can add the milk in patterns to create latte art if you want to. Enjoy your creamy cappuccino!

Enjoy your creamy cappuccino

Things to Remember When Preparing Cappuccino at Home

1. After frothing milk, tap the container on any surface to break all the bubbles.

2. Before pouring the milk into the espresso, swirl the milk until the surface appears straight and smooth.

3. Warm milk works best when used for frothing. However, there are multiple views on the matter. Some baristas believe cold milk works best because it takes in more air. We recommend frothing your milk warm, as the foam might disperse when you heat it after.

4. If you froth cold milk without using a machine, use a microwave to heat the milk to make sure the foam stays. Any other method might dissolve the foam. You can leave the milk cold if you want an iced cappuccino.

5. Cappuccinos are made to be creamy, and whole milk is best when it comes to frothing. It creates the thickest and foamiest texture. Skim milk is another extremely popular choice. It’s perfect for any cappuccino recipe at home.

6. Make sure the milk you use for frothing is fresh. Milk that has been left out for some time, or has been in the fridge too long, doesn’t froth well.

7. If you want to try your hand at latte art, you should make sure your milk is the consistency of wet paint: thick, but pourable.

Consider important factors before making a cappuccino

Types of Cappuccino

Iced Cappuccino – Iced cappuccino is a favorite among people everywhere. You make it just like a simple cappuccino. The only change is that the milk and espresso shots are both cold. You can also add ice for an extra chill.

Dry cappuccino – It has a vivid and bold espresso taste with less steamed milk. It appears sharper to our taste buds. There is more foam than milk which bounces at the top of the beverage. Just add a little milk and a lot of foam in the simple cappuccino.

Wet cappuccino – It is exactly the opposite of a dry cappuccino. There is more quantity of hot milk than milk foam. There is only a little milk foam at the top, for visual appeal. You can even skip this if you are in a rush.

Flavored cappuccino – Just make the addition of any of your favorite flavors to give the cappuccino recipe to give it an enhanced taste. They can be syrups or powders based on your liking. Some of the most popular flavors are vanilla, caramel, chocolate, lavender, chestnut, cinnamon, or cocoa.

You can make many types of cappuccino at home


Above mentioned is the easiest cappuccino recipe without a machine. The sweetness of the milk buffers the bitterness of the espresso which gives the cappuccino a balanced taste.  There is nothing to worry about if you can’t go to a café to get yourself a cappuccino every day. The cappuccino recipe we provided above is not only tasty, it also helps in the preparation of cappuccino easily.

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