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The Easiest Recipe to Make a Latte At Home

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A latte is a drink made from espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. It is one of the most popular coffee drinks on the planet. You might think that making a decent latte might be impossible without the fancy equipment cafes have, but that’s not true. You can make an amazing, café quality cup of latte at home. That too at half the price and effort. The best part is, you don’t need a lot of time either. All you need is to follow the easiest recipe to make a latte at home and to have a lot of love for coffee.

The Difference Between Cappuccino and Latte?

Cappuccinos and lattes are both made from espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. This is why people get confused between the two very easily. However, the drinks do have their differences. The biggest of these is the ratio of steamed milk to milk foam. Cappuccinos have a lot more foam than lattes do and less steamed milk. Lattes are made from less foam and more milk.

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The texture of the latte is thicker and smoother. A cappuccino is more airy and foamy, because of the size of its bubbles being large, which makes them lighter. A cappuccino may also often taste very sweet. This is because the sugar rises with the bubbles to the top, and is the first thing you taste. Both drinks are made commercially in cafes, but it is possible to make a latte recipe without a machine.

The Easiest Recipe to Make a Latte at Home


An espresso shot

Whole milk

Sugar or simple syrup


Step 1: Make the Simple Syrup (Optional):

This is pretty much liquid sugar. Turning it into a syrup ensures it mixes in the drink easier than sugar crystals do. You just need to mix in one cup of water and one cup of sugar into a saucepan. Heat until the syrup starts to thicken, and then let it cool. Just be sure to make sure the sugar does not caramelize.

Step 2: Make the Espresso Shot

The first thing any good latte needs is an espresso shot. You can make a homemade espresso shot using several methods, including a French press, and instant coffee. You can read about it here-How to Make Espresso at Home

A white cup full of coffee with latte art on the shape of hearts on top

Step 3: Froth the Milk to Make Milk Foam

Place the milk in a jar, and seal the lid tight. Don’t fill the jar more than halfway since the milk will double in size when frothed. Then shake the jar vigorously until the milk forms a foam. This should take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute.

Step 4: Heat the Milk

Remove the lid of the jar, and then pop the jar in the microwave, and heat it for about 30 seconds. This will make the heat up too. Not just this, but heating the milk also helps stabilize the foam.

Step 5: Prepare the Coffee Mug

Add about a teaspoon of sugar or simple syrup to your coffee mug.

Step 6: Add the Milk to the Espresso

Add your espresso to the mug, and use a spoon to hold the milk foam to one side on your heated jar. Add the milk to the jug, making sure to hold the foam separate from the spoon.

Step 7: Top With Foam

Use a spoon to add the milk foam to the top of the coffee. Garnish cocoa powder if you would like, and serve while hot.

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Nutritional Content (per cup)

Caffeine128 mg
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How to Make Common Flavored Homemade Latte?

If you’re wondering how to make a latte at home with flavor, here’s all you need to know. You can simply replace the simple syrup with flavored syrups to amp up the flavor. Just be sure to adjust the amount according to the sweetness of the syrup. Here are some commonly flavored lattes.

Vanilla Latte: Add ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract to the milk after it has been heated. Don’t add the extract directly to the coffee.

Chocolate/Mocha Latte: Add a teaspoon or more of chocolate syrup in the milk before heating it, and then froth it.

Almond Latte: Add almond extract to the mug before adding in the espresso. Add the espresso and milk, and then stir before adding the milk foam on top.

A white cup of coffee with latte art in chocolate sauce on top

Tips for Making the Best Coffee

Always add the milk gently to the coffee. This will ensure the milk mixes completely with the oils in the coffee and gives a smooth after effect.

Always add the extracts to the mug before the coffee. The heat from the coffee added on top brews the extracts a little and reduces the sweetness a little. This brings out the flavors of the extract and helps it mix with the coffee.

Avoid a lot of foam. A latte is served with foam on top, however, a lot of bubbles and froth aren’t characteristic of a latte. Cappuccinos are drinks served with a lot of froth. The foam on top of the latte should be a little denser.

Use whole milk for the foam. Whole milk not only froths the best, but whole milk foam also lasts longer. The foam produced is thicker and creamier, and it easily mixes with the coffee.

Beginners should use skim milk. There is no doubt about it, whole milk produced the best foam. However, it can be hard to get whole milk foamy. Skim milk foams a lot easier. If you’re a beginner, you should skim milk to get a foamier latte.

Use oat milk as a milk substitute. There are lots of non-dairy options when making a latte. However, we recommend using oat milk before all else. This is because oat milk foams are the best. Follow the latte recipe step by step, and substitute the milk in the place of normal milk.

Other Methods to Foam the Milk

Milk dripping in a white cup to form latte art

On the Stove:

Take a saucepan and add the milk to it, before placing it on the stove. Switch the stove on heat the milk until it starts to form bubbles on the edges of the saucepan. This is called simmering. Once that happens, take a whisk and work the milk until it forms a foam.

Use a Blender:

Some fancy blenders have a soup option. These heat their contents while mixing them at high speeds. This makes it ideal for making milk foam. You can simply add the milk to the blender, then switch it on and let it do all the work. The milk and milk foam can be used directly in the latte.

Use an Automatic Milk Frother:

This is comparatively cheaper than all the other specialized frothing methods like steam wands. You can simply pour the milk in them, switch the machine on, and get frothed milk in a minute.

A white mug of coffee with foam on top


Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to make a latte at home. You just need to follow the steps carefully. The hardest thing in the entire recipe is frothing the milk. Once you get experienced in doing that, making a cup of latte at home can take as little as 10 minutes. Try making this recipe. Once you do, you’ll realize this is truly the easiest recipe to make a latte at home. Now you never have to worry about getting in line in the café ever again.

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