Best 4-cup coffee makers

Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers | Expert Recommendations 2023

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In America, living alone or as a couple means brewing 2-4 cups of coffee every morning. Also, coffee tastes better when it is brewed fresh. Hence, what is the point of brewing an entire pot of coffee when you can get a 4-cup coffee maker and have fresh coffee every time? With so many 4-cup coffee makers to choose from, we have come up with a list of the best 4-cup coffee makers of 2023.

Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers | A Thorough Guide

Our detailed guide to the coffee makers will provide you with useful insights in terms of benefits, drawbacks, as well as important things to consider when buying a coffee maker.

The following are our top picks for a 4-Cup coffee maker. 

  1. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe
  2. Mr. Coffee 4-cup Espresso System
  3. Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker GECMA409-U
  4. Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker
  5. EUROSTAR 4-Cup Coffeemaker (RED)
  6. Gevi 4 Cups Small Coffee Maker – GECMD008-U
  7. Brentwood TS-213BL 4 Cup Coffee Maker

4-Cup Coffee Makers | Comparison Table

The following table compares the best 4-cup coffee makers based on their specifications and features.
Detailed reviews of these products are in the later part of this article.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 4-Cup Coffee Maker

While most coffee makers are affordable and simple, even the simple ones need to be examined carefully. There are certain features that you need to look out for when picking the best 4-cup coffee maker. All the seven coffee makers discussed below are outstanding machines. However, they all have a few features in common that you need to watch out for when buying a coffee maker.

Ease of Use

4-cup coffee makers are generally supposed to be very easy to use. You will find that most models operate using a single brew button. However, even if your coffee maker has extra features, just make sure that they are simple to use. The Mr. Coffee Espresso System is a four-shot espresso maker that is a tad bit more complicated to use than the other coffee makers on the list, but that is only normal since it is an espresso machine and not an ordinary drip coffee maker.

Ease of Cleaning

The best 4-cup coffee makers will always be easy to clean. Look for coffee makers with a stainless steel or glass body since these materials are much easier to clean. Even plastic ones can be easy to clean if the quality of the plastic is good. Thus, check the descriptions to see if the body is easily cleanable. Apart from the body, the other parts like the hot plate, milk frother (if any), measuring scoop, etc., should also be cleanable without a lot of effort.

Non-Toxic Materials

A common problem with plastic appliances is that they are made up of poor-quality plastic. Poor quality plastic can be toxic and could contain BPA, which messes up your endocrine system resulting in sickness. It is harmful to human health in numerous ways. If you buy a plastic coffee maker, then make sure that the plastic is non-toxic and BPA-free. All the coffee makers on our list are safe to use and are mostly BPA-free.

Quality of Carafe

Sometimes we buy cheap coffee makers but are disappointed within weeks when the carafe breaks. This is an indication of poor quality. The best 4-cup coffee makers will always be sturdy and durable. Now you might be thinking that a carafe can be easily replaced. That is true. However, the machine’s own carafe is always better to have since the machine is based on its quantity and will fill up the carafe to the brim.

Also, look out for additional carafe features such as a knuckle guard and anti-spillage spout. A knuckle guard will protect your hand from burning if the carafe is too hot, and you will be able to safely pour the coffee. A good spout will ensure that the coffee does not spill when you pour it. Thus, you can stop yourself from making a mess on the counter.

A 4-cup coffee maker

Brew-Pause Feature

A brew pause feature is essential to have in any coffee maker because sometimes you cannot afford to wait for the whole brewing cycle to finish and instantly need a cup of java. The top 4-cup coffee makers will always offer a brew-pause feature so look out for it.


No matter what the price of the coffee maker, the general rule is: the longer the warranty, the better the product. Buy coffee makers with at least 3 years of warranty so you can repair or replace the machine with ease. Also, make sure the customer support of your coffee maker company is efficient so you can report any faults in the machine.

Additional Features

Extra bells and whistles are always a plus. The best 4-cup coffee maker will always offer you an extra perk, such as more brew strength options or serving options. Some machines are programmable and allow you to brew coffee up to 24 hours in advance. Programmable coffee makers are usually costly, but you can get them for lower prices in rare cases.


Of course, in the end, it all comes down to the price of the coffee machine. Most 4-cup coffee makers are cheap and affordable. If the price is higher, then you should expect to have extra features as well as a non-plastic body. Before paying a premium, make sure that it’s worth it. You can get a great one for less than $100. However, some 4-cup coffee makers are way too simple and you can get them for less than $30 as well.

Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers | Expert Reviews

Based on the above criteria, our experts have evaluated the following 7 coffee makers to be the best 4-cup coffee machines. Read about each one of them and get the most suitable one from Amazon. 

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe

Cuisinart products are one of the finest ones when it comes to coffee makers. One of their most versatile 4-cup coffee makers is the DCC-450 BK, which checks out everything you need in a coffee maker. Primarily, this coffee maker complies with North American Electrical Standards, so you can instantly tell it was designed to give you a safe coffee brewing experience in light of all relevant regulations.

The DCC-450BK is a small and aesthetically designed 4-cup coffee maker with a sleek-looking stainless steel carafe. It looks like a treat on any kitchen counter and is convenient to pack in the cabinet when not being used. Thanks to the counter-friendly dimensions, you can fit it on any kitchen counter. Pouring is effortless, and you will not have to worry about a messy counter as the spout is designed to avoid spillage.

The ergonomically designed handle helps you with the grip of holding and pouring from it. The DCC-450BK comes with a 3-year warranty for those of you who are worried about the machine’s durability. There is even a knuckle guard to protect you from burns.

When it comes to longevity, this coffee maker speaks for itself with its robust components. A 30-minute auto shut-off feature for added security. Sadly, this coffee machine is not programmable, so you will not have the facility of having a cup of coffee ready to drink in the morning or to modify the taste of coffee which we consider a major drawback. However, you can use the brew-pause feature to pour yourself a cup mid-brew if in a hurry.

You can even get a grinder with the complete package. In case you don’t want it, you can simply grind coffee beans at home without using a grinder.

In terms of flavor, most users commented that the taste of the coffee was excellent. This machine is also straightforward to use, and any beginner can efficiently operate it using the few buttons it encompasses. Users also found out that this coffee maker lasted for long and most did not even have to undergo any warranty claims.

Ideally, that makes it a worthy investment in a coffee maker. However, we would have loved to see some bells and whistles like programmability and more automatic features. 


  • Dimensions – 10 x 8 x 5.25 inches
  • Weight – 3.25 pounds
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • 30-minute auto shut-off
  • Brew Pause included
  • 3 years warranty
  • Knuckle guard

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup w/Stainless-Steel Carafe Coffeemaker


✅ No spillage as it is completely sealed

✅ Users said that it lasted long

✅ Easy to use with a simple interface

✅ 30-minute auto shut-off makes it safe

✅ Durable due to reinforced construction


❌ Not Programmable

❌ Requires precise lid adjustment

514yU3aVtXL. AC SL1395

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Our Recommendation: Highly Recommended 4-cup drip coffee maker.

We highly recommend it because it is costs low but gives you an amazing cup of coffee every time. The 3-year warranty will provide you maximum assurance of quality. 

Mr. Coffee 4-cup Espresso System

Mr. Coffee’s 4-cup espresso system is also among the best 4-cup coffee makers. Now you will be surprised to see this one because it costs under $100 and is actually an espresso maker! Instead of regular drip coffee, you can have delicious espresso-based drinks every day.

The robust steam-brewing technology employed in this machine allows you to produce rich and tasty espresso. Keep in mind that you will have to add milk to the cup separately. The extra-large portafilter ensures that the brew is well filtered.

A stainless steel frothing jug and an inbuilt frothing wand make it simple to top your drinks with milk foam. This allows you to create your favorite café-style drinks with ease. Thus, you can make delicious cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and so much more.

After thorough analysis, we found out that the pitcher comes with an easy-to-use metering mechanism to ensure that you use the correct quantity of water to brew your coffee to excellence. This coffee machine also comes with a handy measuring scoop for simple coffee scooping and leveling. The embedded frothing wand froths milk quickly and simply for great cafe-style drinks. You can have your own little Starbucks coffee at home. You can even use it as a coffee maker for the office because it can quickly prepare 4 shots of espresso that will help anyone in the office get active again.

Also, the powerful steam-brewing technology produces dark, rich espresso that is ideal for creating Cuban coffee. When it comes to espresso machines and costs, you should be aware that a luxury espresso machine can cost thousands. However, the ECM-160 costs under $100 and is quite a bargain.

It is pretty light and small, which is unusual for an espresso maker, as most espresso machines are massive machines weighing at least 20-30 pounds. This machine’s tiny size is a key selling point because you not only get an espresso machine that brews espresso rapidly, but it also doesn’t take up much space on your countertop. We can safely say that this is one of the best 4-cup coffee makers out there!

Keep in mind that this is a delicate coffee maker so use it with precaution. Some old reviews suggested that this coffee machine is very delicate. However, with improvements and developments, Mr. Coffee has made it much more resistant to rough usage which is why latest reviews are suggesting it as one of the best 4-cup coffee makers.

Over 7000 people have already purchased it and are satisfied with their experience. Being an Amazon’s Choice product, we can assure you it has worked wonders for many. If you don’t want to compromise on quality, choose this as a blind-buy.


  • Dimensions – 8 x 6.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight – 1.65 pounds
  • Material – Stainless steel
  • Easy-pour glass carafe
  • Removable drip catcher
  • Glass Decanter
  • Milk Frother included

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother


✅ Makes café-style drinks

✅ Swift measurements

✅ Helps to prepare rich and strong espresso

✅ Simple cleaning mechanism

✅ Comes under $100 making it pocket-friendly


❌ Some users suggested that the operation knob is not strong

71APz07lD3L. AC SL1500

Check Latest Price Amazon


Our Recommendation: Highly Recommended 4-Cup Coffee Maker.

We highly recommend this coffee maker because it is by one of the most renowned brands. Additionally, with recent improvements, the coffee maker has now become an Amazon’s Choice product and latest reviews appreciate the quality.

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker GECMA409-U

Another amazing 4-cup coffee machine to start off your day is the Gevi 4-cup coffee maker. Let us first talk about how easy to use this machine is. There is just one button that you press to start and stop brewing. This one-touch brewing system might be beneficial for those that are not too good with operating machines. However, it can be a drawback for people who are picky about their coffee and need more brew options like brew strength.

The size of the Give 4-cup coffee maker is small and occupies minimal counter space. People already have a lot of problems with space in the kitchen which is why this becomes a great choice for them. This low-cost variant is undoubtedly simple to use and appears to be more costly than it is. While it gives a posh impression, it is actually quite affordable.

This BPA-free coffee maker comes with a premium quality glass carafe and a detachable permanent filter. For proper water dispersion, the spray nozzle includes six holes. The heating plate maintains the temperature of the coffee for up to two hours.

Gevi even provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are skeptical about the product. If you are dissatisfied with your coffee maker, they will provide you with either a refund or a replacement. It weighs little more than two pounds, so it is easy to carry. Since it is lightweight, you can use it as a coffee maker for recreational vehicles. Also, because it has a 4-cup capacity, this drip coffee maker will brew coffee rapidly. If you can’t wait for the cycle to complete, the coffee maker will graciously pause so you can take a sip of coffee sooner.

The automated shut-off function, together with the boil dry prevention, can provide you with peace of mind when you leave. The reusable filter, funnel, and carafe can all be washed in the dishwasher.

Ultimately, not only can the Gevi make brewing easier, but it can also make cleaning simpler. These are features typically found in more expensive ones and larger coffee machines, but the Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker provides all you need in a small package. The stainless steel finish complements the coffee maker’s appearance in most settings.

Our experts have thoroughly evaluated this coffee maker and highly recommend it to all those who are looking to have a stress-free coffee brewing experience.


  • Dimensions – 7.2 x 5.4 x 10.1 inches
  • Weight – 2 pounds
  • Pause and serve feature
  • Unique hot plate
  • Detachable filter
  • Brew Basket
  • Auto-pause feature

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off


✅ Convenient to use with easy user interface

✅ Compact size (easily fits the counter)

✅ Sleek and stylish

✅ Keeps coffee warm for 2 hours

✅ Solid stainless steel construction


❌ Can easily break if it falls because of low weight

❌ Slightly louder than other coffee makers if you don’t keep the reservoir at least half-full

51M aycm+zL. AC SL1500

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Recommendation: Most Recommended By the Experts.

This coffee maker is the “BEST-SELLING” coffee machine on Amazon. We highly recommend it because of the 30-day money-back guarantee as well as exceptional coffee it brews.

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker

This is one of the best small 4-cup coffee makers by Mr. Coffee because of its simplicity and the great taste it has to offer. If Christmas is on the way, then this coffee maker will make for an excellent birthday present since it is so petite. There is an on/off indicator light that lets you know if the machine is off. This is a valuable feature for safety purposes.

Like all the other 4-cup coffee makers on this list, this coffee maker also features a brew-pause feature. In this case, it is called the Grab-A-Cup feature. Thus, when in a hurry, just pour yourself a cup instead of waiting for the whole process to finish. Thanks to the removable filter basket, this coffee maker is very easy to clean. Most users have commented on how easy it is to clean the Mr. Coffee coffee maker. Also, the warming plate is stain resistant, so it will not cause any hurdles during cleaning either.

There is a dual water window that lets you see how much water is in the reservoir. Now, this feature is essential to prevent overflows. In terms of user-friendliness, this machine is straightforward to use with its simple few button controls. You will be able to keep the coffee warm for about an hour because of the warming plate. The hot plate automatically shuts off after an hour. As a cherry on top, you even get a card holder to keep the counter looking neat.

If you check out Amazon, you will hardly see any poor reviews of this coffee maker. From our expert’s evaluation, you can buy this coffee maker even if you don’t have any prior experience with one. Keep in mind that this is not some high-tech programmable coffee maker.


  • Dimensions – 10.1 x 7.25 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight – 7 pounds
  • Material – Strong Plastic
  • Auto shut off
  • Grab-A-Cup feature
  • Dual water windows

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker


Cleaning this coffee maker is quite easy

Safety features present

Looks good and fits on the counter

The simple interface makes it useful for beginners

Costs you less than $100


❌ No premium features

❌ Not a high-tech coffee maker

Check Latest Price Amazon


Our Recommendation: Recommended.

Mr. Coffee is a great brand of coffee makers and this is just another amazing 4-cup coffee makers specifically designed for those who want a simple coffee maker. It costs you low making it ideal for anyone looking for a cheap 4-cup coffee maker.  

EUROSTAR 4-Cup Coffeemaker (Black | White)

If you are looking for an affordable and cute coffee maker, Eurostar offers an excellent pick. The Eurostar 4-cup coffee maker comes in a very vibrant scarlet black and white shade that will instantly make your kitchen look cozy. All those metallic and stainless-steel coffee makers can be too dull for some, so this one provides instant relief. This 4-cup coffee maker comes with a robust glass coffee carafe which is the most prominent aspect of it. The glass is sturdy, so you do not have to worry about it falling and breaking. Apart from that, the model is straightforward and has very few features.

There is a pause-and-serve feature, like the other models on the list, so it can pause brewing midway and pour you a cup. Even though this coffee machine costs less than $30, it still offers this feature as well as an easy view of the water window, so that is a big plus. The warming plate is non-stick so it will not be a burden to clean. However, some users have reported that the warming plate gets rusty over time. Just try to save it from water damage and it will be all good.

The Eurostar 4-cup coffee maker comes with a permanent filter, so you will not have to waste money on paper filters. Also, reusable filters are much better for the environmental aspect. This coffee maker comes in 3 colors: black, white, and red. Many users complimented the compact size of this machine. It fits conveniently on any counter space. All in all, it is truly one of the best 4-cup coffee makers if you love to have your color options open.


  • Dimensions – 8 x 7 x 10 inches
  • Weight – 3 pounds
  • Material – Plastic
  • Permanent filter included
  • Non-stick warming plate
  • Pause and serve feature
  • On/off indicator light

EUROSTAR 4-Cup Coffeemaker (Black | White)


Prettiest design among all the coffee makers

Costs you less than 30 bucks

Fits the countertop

Maintains the temperature of the coffee


❌ No extra features

❌ The warming plate can rust if you aren’t careful

41y6pOwa0tL. AC

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Recommendation: Recommended for those who are looking for a cheap 4-cup coffee maker.

It is recommended for those who don’t have a big budget for a 4-cup coffee maker. An honest recommendation about this coffee maker is that it will last for good 6-8 months before you need to purchase a new one.

Gevi 4 Cups Small Coffee Maker – GECMD008-U

Now here is another Gevi 4-cup coffee maker that will never disappoint you. This 4-cup coffee machine is packed with unique features coupled with impeccable quality. It is one of the easiest coffee makers to use as there is only a simple on and off button that starts and stops brewing. There is a stain-resistant warming plate that helps to keep your coffee hot. You will hardly feel the need to clean it up. If you are someone just concerned with a quick cup of joe, this is the most ideal coffee machine you can get.

If you hate buying filter papers and think they are a waste, then this Gevi coffee maker is perfect because it contains a permanent filter. There is no need to rush to the store every time you are out of filters. You can use the Grab-A-Cup feature and pause brewing midway to pour yourself a nice cup of coffee. Remember that in this machine, 1 cup of coffee is 5 ounces, so its entire capacity is 20 ounces. This makes it perfect for offices and homes alike.

Users reported that they love the overheating protection offered by this coffee maker. Say goodbye to burning appliances! There is an easy-to-view water window meaning that you can see the water level of the reservoir and pour carefully to not spill anything. It weighs only 2 pounds, so it is light as a feather and thus very convenient during traveling.


  • Dimensions – 5.5 x 6.9 x 9.1 inches
  • Weight – 2 pounds
  • 20-ounce capacity
  • Easy to view water window
  • Grab-a-cup auto-pause feature
  • One-touch control

Gevi 4 Cups Small Coffee Maker – GECMD008-U


No spillage

Overheating protection

Compact for countertops. Can be used for traveling as well.

Permanent reusable filter

Easy to use

Availability of color choice


❌ Comes with a short chord that can be bothersome

❌ Slightly loud

61QErCt3DYL. AC SL1364

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Recommendation: Highly Recommended.

This coffee maker is the “BEST-SELLING” coffee machine on Amazon along with exceptional reviews about the quality of coffee maker as well as the flavor of coffee it brews. We highly recommend it because of the 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Brentwood TS-213BL 4 Cup Coffee Maker

If you are tired of boring shades of brown and black in coffee makers, this beautiful Brentwood coffee maker could lighten up your kitchen’s mood in seconds. This lovely sky blue coffee maker is not only attractive on the counter, but it seamlessly brews 4 cups of coffee. Many users trust this coffee maker because it is BPA-free and non-toxic. Thus, folks who are cautious about their health love the Brentwood coffee maker.

It comes with a stunning tempered glass carafe which is resistant to damage. It includes a reusable filter so you can stop investing in disposable paper filters. Disposable filters can eat up a large chunk of your money without you even realizing it, so a reusable filter is the best option for you. This machine even comes with a coffee ground scooper so you can have accurate measurements.

The easy-to-view water window lets you keep track of the water in the reservoir, and you can refill it whenever necessary without opening the lid to check. The warming plate is easy to clean and efficient. However, the only drawback is that the plastic is a little soft, so it can stain. This is a very space-friendly and lightweight coffee maker, so it is perfect for small apartments, offices, RVs, and other small settings. 3-5 people can conveniently have a cup of coffee with this amazing coffee maker.


  • Dimensions – 8.5 x 6.25 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight – 2.45 pounds
  • Material – Plastic
  • Color – Light Blue
  • Warming plate present

Brentwood TS-213BL 4 Cup Coffee Maker


Lightweight and fits compact spaces

BPA-free Material makes it safe

Strong carafe

Easy view water window

Reusable filter

Costs you less than 30 bucks


❌ Plastic can stain

❌ Does not have programmable advanced features

❌ Manual coffee maker

61c5LW7o3mL. AC SL1500

Check Latest Price Amazon

Our Recommendation: Recommended for people looking for a blue coffee maker.

This is a cute blue 4-cup coffee maker that you can get for your kitchen giving it a vibrant color. It will be friendly on your pocket as well and many people like it.

Expert Recommendation

Overall Best 4-Cup Coffee Maker – Mr. Coffee 4-cup Espresso System 

Most Reliable 4-Cup Coffee Maker – Cuisinart DCC-450BK Coffee Maker

Flashy Design – Eurostar 4-cup Coffee Maker and Brentwood TS-213BL Coffee Maker

Cheap 4-Cup Coffee Maker – Gevi 4 Cups Small Coffee Maker GECMD008-U

We all do not have the same buying circumstances. Everyone has different preferences which is why we recommend a variety of options. 

Tired of regular coffee? Then you should switch to espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos. If you want some of that,  The Mr. Coffee 4-cup Espresso System is your ideal 4-cup coffee machine as it features a steam want and espresso machine all in one.

The Cuisinart DCC-450BK is the right coffee maker for you if you are a lover of simple and efficient stainless steel coffee makers. This one is the embodiment of convenience and quality. Also, it is one of the cheapest 4-cup coffee makers.

If you are looking for something affordable and just need a reliable coffee maker at a low-cost, then go for the Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker GECMA409-U or the Gevi 4 Cups Small Coffee Maker GECMD008-U. Both Gevi products are super affordable.

If you want something flashy and bright (yet affordable), then the Eurostar 4-cup Coffee Maker and the Brentwood TS-213BL Coffee Maker are just the right choices for you.


Now that you have seen the best 4-cup coffee makers, you can pick just the right one for you and save yourself from the trouble of browsing through thousands of models. We are sure you will not be disappointed by these top picks. For more advice related to coffee, visit our section of “Coffee Queries“.

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