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5 Best Coffee Makers of 2023 | Expert’s Buying Guide & Recommendations

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Coffee has become an all-time favorite beverage. No matter whether it’s summers or winters, people love to drink coffee at almost any time of the day. Coffee cafes are surely a great place to get your coffee but going to a coffee cafe every day just to get a cup of coffee could be a great hassle. It also costs you extra bucks which could be saved if you get a coffee maker at home. The big question arrives: Which brands offer the best coffee makers? Follow our coffee maker buying guide below to find out more about the best coffee makers of 2023.

Based on our expert evaluation, the 5 Best Coffee Makers of 2023 are

  1. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker
  2. Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker
  3. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker
  4. Mr. Coffee 2134286 ® 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker
  5. Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Best Coffee Makers of 2023 Comparison

Detailed Reviews of these Coffee Makers are in the latter part of this article

Best Coffee Makers of 2023 Comparison
 Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-WayKeurig K-Duo Coffee MakerCuisinart DCC-3200P1 PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable CoffeemakerMr. Coffee 2134286 ® 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee MakerNinja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Weight6.37 Pounds10.7 Pounds9 pounds3.15 pounds9.69 Pounds
CapacityUp to 12 Cups at a time Also offers single brewMaximum 12 Cups at a time Also offers single brewMaximum 14 Cups at a timeMaximum 5 Cups at a timeMaximum 12 Cups at a time Also offers single brew in multiple sizes
ColorBlack, Black with Fast Brewing, WhiteBlack, SilverBlack, Copper, Light Gray, Matte Black, Stainless SteelWhiteBlack
MaterialPlasticStonewareStainless SteelPlasticPlastic
Water Reservoirs21111
Smart Features

Auto Pause and Pour

Easy-touch programming

Automatic shut off

Customizable brew strength

Program your coffee in advance

Smart Start option

Auto Pause and Pour

Customizable brew strength

Program your coffee in advance

Optional ready-alert tone

Auto Pause and Pour

Customizable brew strength


Auto Pause

Lift and Clean Filter Basket

Thermal Flavor Extraction Duo

Fold Away Frother

Independent Hot Water System

Specialty Brews Faster

Brewing Multiple Brew Styles

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Following are the essentials everyone should take into account before purchasing a coffee maker.

Type of Coffee it Can Brew

The foremost thing you need to consider before buying a coffee maker is what type of coffee you are interested in. Some people prefer cappuccino while others would prefer a latte, mocha, or even other types of coffee. On the other hand, a few people are good to go with just an espresso shot early in the morning. It is important to buy a coffee maker that fits your needs.

Most coffee makers can process simple cappuccino or any type of coffee that is made using ground coffee. You can easily make a cup of latte or mocha with a regular coffee maker. For making an espresso, a separate machine would be required or an advanced coffee maker would be needed that comes with the option to create an espresso. We have already discussed about how coffee can be prepared with an espresso machine so you can get one machine instead of two. Therefore, before selecting any particular type of coffee maker, check that it matches the coffee type you are interested in. You will ultimately buy the best coffee maker according to your precise requirements.

Different types of coffee beans.

Convenience of the Coffee Maker

The main reason why people invest in a coffee maker is to have the convenience of getting coffee at home at any time. A convenient coffee maker will have a range of smart programs that will automatically brew the perfect coffee every time with just the touch of a button. Besides, options such as automatic shut-off, start control, warning systems, advanced brew system, and other similar features will also add more to the convenience factor. However, if the coffee maker you buy is not a user-friendly one, it won’t be worth it.

If you are living with a family where people have different coffee preferences, you should get a smart coffee maker so that coffee is made precisely to everyone’s requirements. Keep in mind that more convenience features in a coffee maker will add to the price as well but would it would be worthy in the long term.

Material of the Coffee Maker

Durability matters a lot when it comes to buying a coffee maker. A machine brewing hot coffee must be made out of good inner material that can resist high temperatures. Besides, the outer material should also be good enough to sustain rough use as well. The outer body would be better if it is made with metal or stainless steel. This will ensure that the coffee maker will last long. In addition to that, the material of the coffee maker should come with proper insulation as well to make sure that you don’t harm yourself. Stoneware is also a durable material for a coffee machine.

Many coffee makers come with jugs as well. One of the main aspects of our coffee maker buying guide is to consider that this jug should be made of BPA-Free material. This would assure you that this is a product that is safe to have foods or drinkable items in it. Check out the following table for better guidance on materials for a coffee maker.

Recommended Materials for a Coffee Maker
BPA-Free DrinkwareSafe for Drinking.It is plastic and may not be that durable.
Stainless Steel / Stoneware Outer BodyMost durable option because stainless steel does not wear and tear easily.Does not give a stylish look. Adds a little to the overall weight.
Plastic Outer BodyLightweight and makes the Coffee maker easy to carry. Has a shiny look.Not as durable as stainless steel or stoneware.
Thick Glass Outer BodyGives the Coffee maker an elegant look. Easy to clean and retain the new feel. Does not add more to the weight.Would have cracks if it falls – Not as resistant as Stainless Steel. Requires Extra Care.

This takes us to the next important point that many people consider when buying a coffee maker – Its Design.

Design of the Coffee Maker

Design is a very subjective term and would be different for every other person. Normally, coffee makers come in elegant colors of white, silver, gray, or black. These colors usually match the kitchen and countertop as well. Besides, the elegance they represent with decent colors is what makes the users go for them as the first choice. The top coffee makers of 2023 come in numerous designs.

However, as we were analyzing the different types of coffee makers, we found out that there is a demand for uniquely-designed and colorful coffee makers as well. One of the best portable coffee makers available in red, teal, mint, and yellow is the 5-Cup Compact Coffee Maker by Holstein Housewares. Some people may have their kitchens designed in a unique color such as red tiles, or just red culinary. They would want their coffee maker to be red too.

Therefore, when buying a coffee maker, it is important to consider the design as it matches your kitchen’s theme as well as your preferences.

A uniquely designed coffee maker with a toy waiter.

Capacity of the Coffee Maker

Capacity is an important aspect to consider when buying a coffee maker. A common misconception is to get the largest capacity coffee maker. However, this is certainly not beneficial, rather it makes it quite inefficient. For example, if you are a single person at home, you don’t need a coffee maker that can brew 12 cups at a time.

On the other hand, if you live with a family, a small coffee maker would be insufficient. Some argue that there is nothing wrong with getting a coffee maker that exceeds your requirements. However, cleaning, maintenance, and other such issues could be major concerns if you get a bigger coffee maker.

The table below will help you evaluate the optimal capacity for a coffee maker depending on the number of people in your family.

Coffee Consumption

One Cup in a Day

Two Cups in a Day

More than 2 Cups in a Day

Single Person

Small Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 2-4 CupsSmall Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 2-4 CupsMedium Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 4-6 Cups


Small Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 2-4 CupsMedium Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 4-6 CupsLarge Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 8-12 Cups

Family of 4

Small Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 4 Cups at Minimum*Medium Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 6-8 Cups*Large Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 8-12 Cups*

Family of 8

Medium Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 6-8 Cups*Large Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 8-12 Cups*Extra Large Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 12+ Cups*

*Not everyone drinks coffee at the same time in a family. Therefore, the requirement for a large family may not always be a large or an extra-large coffee maker.

Coffee Machine’s Brand

There are several brands of coffee makers and this raises the big question: Which is the best brand for coffee makers? The simple answer is that there isn’t just one brand that has amazing coffee makers rather there are several brands. Some of the most popular brands of coffee makers include Keurig, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Ninja, and Mr. Coffee. Buyers who purchased coffee machines from these brands were highly satisfied.

Logo of Keurig, one of the most famous coffee maker brands.

Price of the Coffee Maker

When you search for a coffee maker, you will find different options ranging from $50 to $700+. The big question is: How much should you spend on a coffee maker? For one, the answer to this question depends upon the capacity that you require as well as the optional features you are looking for. For example, some coffee makers are expensive because they can cater requirements of an office or cafe. We have discussed office coffee makers in detail already. Besides, if you are the one having lazy mornings, you might as well want the smart features so that you don’t have to make the coffee on your own.

The cheap coffee makers aren’t always bad, but they don’t have many advanced features nor can they brew coffee in a great quantity. Therefore, we don’t recommend you get a $50 coffee machine unless you are short on budget or your require a coffee maker for one person.

The optimal price for a coffee maker would be around $90 – $150. A coffee maker in this range will ideally have numerous smart control features and a bigger capacity too. Such a coffee maker would be programmable as well. Moreover, the capacity of such coffee makers is usually about 10-12 cups.

In case you want the best coffee maker that comes with all the extras as well, you need to invest a bit more. A coffee maker that costs more than $180 will easily store your ground coffee beans, offer a range of advanced options such as automatic brewing, thermal flavor extraction, and much more. It will have 2 water reservoirs, K-pods compatibility, and capacity for preparing more than 12 cups of coffee at a time as well as brew a single cup too.

Ideally, you should be getting a coffee maker that ranges between $90 to $120 if you are looking for a mid-range coffee maker. They are usually branded and fulfill the requirements of preparing coffee without any problems. These machines last longer than the cheaper ones.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all expensive coffee makers work well. In contrast, a cheap coffee maker might also give you a delicious cup of coffee every morning. You should consider other factors such as quality, convenience, brand, and your personal requirements.

A coffee machine with foam drink espresso.

Portability Factor

Portability is always a plus. However, it mainly depends on your requirements. A portable coffee maker is usually suitable when you are going on a road trip, or you need to carry it to your office every day (in case your workplace does not have one). Ideally, a medium-coffee maker would be suitable for home use as well as traveling purposes. We recommend getting a coffee maker that can be used at home and is easy to carry around if you are a frequent traveler. A non-portable coffee maker would be fine only if you don’t plan to move it a lot. Frequent travelers should check our list of Best Coffee Makers for an RV.

Warranty of the Coffee Maker

Warranty is an important factor regarding electronics. It helps you to have a stress-free purchase experience. As far as coffee makers are concerned, many companies such as Cuisinart and Keurig offer a basic one-year warranty. For some coffee makers, you can even get an extended warranty too. Note that not all coffee makers come with a warranty. However, the best coffee makers of 2023 do have their warranty and top customer service to assist the users with any issues.

The Best Coffee Makers of 2023

Now that you have read the coffee maker buying guide and are well aware of the things to consider when buying a coffee maker, here are a few of the best coffee makers of 2023 based on our expert analysis.

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker

As we have mentioned already, Hamilton Beach is one of the most known brands for coffee makers. The model 49976 FlexBrew is just a representation of that. The reason why we have it on top of our list of best coffee makers of 2023 is that it offers diverse functionality. With three ways of brewing, you can prepare coffee as per your preference. For example, on one side of this coffee maker is an option to make a single cup with the help of a K-Cup or a pod. On the other side, you can brew up to 12 cups of ground coffee. You may also use the dual-purpose single serving option.

The question arises: Why would I need to brew my coffee differently? Primarily, this is because everyone has their own taste for coffee. Some are fine with instant coffee while others would like to brew it properly using ground coffee. You can also choose between regular brew or strong brew to make the coffee according to your taste or caffeine requirements. The best part is that the Hamilton Beach 49976 comes with a fast brewing option allowing you to get a cup of coffee in 90 seconds only. This makes it suitable for those who are in an early morning rush.

Among the things to consider when buying a coffee maker, we recommended that smart options should be present. We have evaluated that the Hamilton Beach 49976 has the smart options which include programmable coffee making, auto pause and pour, automatic shut off, and many others as well which allow you to have the perfect coffee brewing experience.

Last but not the least, it comes with an amazing 1-year warranty. Over 23,000 customers have already loved it. Enjoy the best coffee maker which ticks all the boxes from our checklist! You can also read a more detailed review of Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew.

Check for discounts here – Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions – 13.8 x 15.6 x 14 inches
  • Weight –  6.37 Pounds
  • Color – Black, Black with Fast Brew, and White
  • Capacity – 12 Cups
  • 2 Water Reservoirs
  • 3-Way Brew Management System
  • Smart Program Features

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker


Best Value for Money

Amazon’s Choice Product

Thousands of satisfied customers validate that this is a great coffee maker

Different brewing options allow every user to make coffee their way

Smart features help in saving time and electricity

Classy design


❌ Requires Cleanup once a week (at least)

❌ Can take 2-3 minutes to brew the perfect cup of coffee

61Fm6 0t5IL. AC SL1500 Check Latest Price Amazon
Our Recommendation: Most Recommended Coffee Maker of 2023. Based on thousands of customer reviews and our expert evaluation, we found the Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker to be the best one. The company has recently improved the design to make it more convenient for the users to prepare their coffee. The versatility of single cup and 12-cup makes it suitable for a wide range of users. It will be a good one-time investment that will last long.  

Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Think about coffee and Keurig will be the first thing that comes to mind. This is because Keurig has established itself as one of the best coffee maker brands of all time. As far as the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker is concerned, we believe that it is one of best ones because of its versatility. Whether you are just one person or a family of five, this coffee maker is ideal. This is because it provides you with the option to brew a single cup of coffee as well as make it in a 12-cup carafe.

A few more points go to versatility because it works well with K-cup pods as well as ground coffee. You can brew as many cups as you want at a time. Brew 6 cups, 8 cups, or all 12 cups at one time as per your requirements. The flexibility in this coffee maker is what makes it one of the best coffee makers of 2023.

The convenience factor is also one of the most important ones. This coffee maker has a 60-ounce water reservoir shared between single-serve and carafe brewing. The programmable brewing option allows you to have a hot cup of coffee right on time with settings in advance. Another smart feature in this coffee maker is the automatic pause function mid-brew so that you can pour from the carafe. Get an instant, strong, and perfect cup of coffee every time. We thoroughly evaluated the user reviews and found it to be a great choice for over 90% customers with an average rating of 4.5 of 5 stars. Most reviews stated that this coffee maker works flawlessly and has been with them for many months. This brings us to the conclusion that the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker is one of the best coffee machines of 2023.

Check for discounts here – Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions – 12.92 10.94 x 12.76 inches
  • Weight – 10.7 Pounds
  • Capacity – Maximum 12 Cups
  • Material – Stoneware
  • Programmable Carafe Auto Brew
  • 60 Ounce Water Reservoir
  • Color – Black, Silver

  Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker


Versatile Coffee Maker

Best for Everyone (Families and Individuals)

Smart options allow making coffee comfortably

Pause-and-Pour carafe mid-brew


❌ Slightly expensive

71zWWzVvSLL. AC SL1500 Check Latest Price Amazon
Our Recommendation:  Best Keurig Coffee Maker Although this coffee maker is a bit expensive, we still recommend it because it is worth the price. The exceptional quality of the coffee maker and the type of coffee it brews are two most important reasons why we highly recommend it. The user response has also been amazing which makes it a great purchase. 

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker

Another great coffee machine in our list of best coffee makers of 2023 is the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1. It is just the “perfectionist” for your coffee needs and can brew the “perfect coffee” without compromising the taste or aroma. As far as the specs are concerned, this coffee maker is made of stainless steel which gets it extra marks on the durability factor. It allows you to brew about 14 cups in one go which makes it perfect for a big family.

Although it has the conventional button interface, this coffee maker still features a wide variety of smart features which include fully automatic coffee brewing, self-cleanup, cup capacity setting, automatic shut-off, and ready-alert tone as well. Besides, you can even use the strength control feature to choose between regular or bold coffee flavors.

Cuisinart also takes care of the design aspect and offers this coffee maker in 5 different colors allowing you to match your kitchen design and personal preferences easily. Users of this coffee maker were highly satisfied with its performance and said that they were able to prepare a coffee with maximum convenience. This is probably one reason why more than 30,000 people have already purchased it.

The best part? It has a mega 3-year limited warranty as opposed to the regular 1-year warranty.

Check for discounts here – Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions – 7.75 x 9 x 14 inches
  • Weight – 8.75 Pounds
  • Capacity – 14 Cups
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Color Choices – Black, Copper, Light Gray, Matte Black
  • Smart Programmable Options
  • Gold-Tone Coffee Filter
  • Charcoal Water Filter

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker


Makes you the perfect coffee

Large capacity fulfills the requirements of the entire family

Smart options allow you to save on time and effort

3-Year Mega Warranty by Cuisinart

Outstanding response by the users

Durable choice


❌ Conventional button interface

❌ Water reservoir opening is a bit odd

81ugZ2peAgL. AC SL1500 Check Latest Price Amazon
Our Recommendation: Best Coffee Maker by Cuisinart If you are a brand-conscious buyer, we would recommend this as a blind-buy. This coffee maker has all what you need including programmable settings, brew-strength control, 14-cup capacity and much more. It costs less than $100 which is another reason why should buy this coffee maker.

Mr. Coffee 2134286 ® 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee is yet another great brand and has some of the best coffee makers of all time. However, we chose this one in particular for our list of best coffee makers of 2023. This is a small coffee maker ideal for a small family or even a couple. It can make a total of 25 ounces of coffee at one time which is sufficient for 5 people. If you drink a higher quantity per cup, such as 12 ounces, you can make 2 of those as well. The best part about it is the fact that it is one of the cheapest coffee makers of 2023. If you are looking for a coffee maker under $50, this is one of the most recommended options.

As far as technical aspects and design are concerned, we found this coffee maker to be highly useful for compact spaces such as tight spots in your kitchen or office. Besides, this is a user-friendly choice mainly because of the ounce markings, easy pouring, and handling mechanism. Cleaning this coffee maker isn’t much of an issue either. You can follow our guide on cleaning a coffee maker.

A smart feature about this coffee maker is that it has a Grab-a-Cup Auto-Pause option so that you can get a cup before brewing is complete. It weighs just over 3.15 pounds which makes it easy to carry around as well. Over 10,000 users have been satisfied with this coffee maker which is why we believe you will also have a great experience. Most users suggested that this coffee machine is a great buy under $50 bucks!

Check for discounts here – Mr. Coffee 2134286 ® 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions – 7.15 x 10 x 10.7 inches
  • Weight – 3.15 Pounds
  • Capacity – 5 Cups
  • Color – Black, White
  • Grab a Cup Auto-Pause option
  • Manual Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 2134286 ® 5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker


User-friendly coffee maker

Easy to clean up

A compact coffee maker

2nd Best Seller in Coffee Machines

Costs less than $50


❌ Does not have any advanced features

❌ Not suitable for large families

41u1UtUgHqL. AC Check Latest Price Amazon
Our Recommendation: Best Cheap Coffee Maker of 2023 If you don’t have a high budget but you want the best coffee maker, this one is going to be it. Although there isn’t any advanced functionality, this coffee maker still does the job of brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Most users were highly satisfied with how simple the user interface is which is another reason why this coffee maker is among our recommendations.

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker

If you are having a good budget for buying a coffee maker, or you have a family where everyone likes their coffee differently, the Ninja CFP301 Coffee Maker is a champ. This ninja coffee maker provides four different options to brew your coffee. These include Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, or Specialty. You can use coffee pods or ground coffee – whatever you like.

As far as the capacity is concerned, one can make coffee in four different pod brew sizes of 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz. Besides, you can make a single cup of coffee too, in 9 different sizes.

You can get any coffeehouse-style coffee such as Starbucks coffee right from the comfort of your home as long as you have this coffee maker. It even allows you to froth the milk through a removable frother. This coffee maker allows you to go beyond coffee because you can make instant soups, oatmeals, and hot cocoa as well. This is because there are 2 different temperature settings (Hot & Boil) as well as a large reservoir of 60 ounces.

The complete package comes with different accessories such as a paper filter kit, folding frother, ninja smart scoop, pod adapter, and the carafe. It may be a little expensive but truly gives you the most amazing coffee-making experience. From the customer reviews and our evaluations, it is truly one of the best coffee makers of 2023 for its versatility and quality of coffee it brews.

Check for discounts here – Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions – 11.39 x 9.13 x 15.54 inches
  • Weight – 9.69 pounds
  • Material – Plastic
  • Capacity – 97 fluid ounces
  • Color – Black
  • Programmable features
  • 4 Coffee Making Styles (Classic, Rich, Over Ice, or Specialty)
  • Dual Coffee Maker (Single Brew + Carafe)

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker


Brews coffee just like a coffee house

Comes with a fold-away frother

Multiple brew sizes for single brew and carafe

Thermal Flavor Extraction Duo Technology

Highly positive response from existing users


❌ Most expensive coffee maker on our list

71lyIc5Do5L. AC SL1500   Check Latest Price Amazon
Our Recommendation: Best Ninja Coffee Maker The CFP301 is a premium coffee maker and comes with all the essential as well as extra features one might be looking for. You will experience a coffee brewed exactly as if it was from a coffee house. With advanced tech infused in this coffee maker, you will have a great experience. User suggested that this coffee maker lasted for several months before causing any problems.

Expert Recommendation

Based on our evaluation, if you are not particular about brands and want a coffee maker with the best value for money, go for Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew as it offers you a wide variety of smart features, customizable coffee, single and multi-brew system, and much more. Besides, it even has its own 1-year warranty to give you a stress-free purchase experience.

If you are looking for a better brand with similar options or slightly better ones, go for the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker.

The Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 PerfecTemp 14-Cup is a perfect coffee maker for a large family as it is the only one offering 14 cups in one go.

If you are having a lower budget, go for the coffee maker offered by Mr. Coffee

Lastly, if you are looking for a premium coffee experience, and want your coffee to be just like the one you drink at a coffee house, go for Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System. You won’t regret your decision.


Coffee has become an essential part of our lives. No matter if it’s summer or winter, most Americans prefer to start their day with a hot cup of coffee. To get the perfect brew every morning, you require the best coffee maker. We hope that our buying guide to coffee makers has helped you choose your best coffee maker for 2023.

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