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Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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Coffee has millions of devotees spanning across the globe, and fondness and desire for coffee have steadily integrated itself into various cultures throughout the world. For some people, coffee is an effective morning drink to get some caffeine in their systems, while for others that identify as “coffee aficionados”, coffee is a hobby, a personality trait, a sport, or even a way of life. When giving gifts to such people, you have to keep their likes and dislikes in mind, and luckily coffee just seems to be the thing they like! Even more brilliant is the fact that there is so much to choose from!

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Coffee Subscription As Gifts

One of the Best gifts for coffee lovers would be a subscription to a roasted bean supplier brand. Most coffee lovers love to grind their beans, so a subscription to a roaster, who provides those beans would be highly sought-after and appreciated by them.

Although there are countless roasters throughout the globe, picking the multinational ones would be in your best interest. This is due to the availability they provide compared to smaller businesses. Us and many others recommend; Atlas’s Coffee Cub’s Subscription, Trade’s Subscription, Beanbox’s Subscription, Subscription Plan, etc.

Travel Mugs and Coffee Cups

There are countless coffee-inspired accessories, from which the most obvious ones are coffee travel mugs and coffee cups. Coffee travel mugs don’t only hold significance as accessories, but they also serve as a tool of convenience. You can not only decorate your kitchen with a cute or stylish coffee mug, but you can also use it to keep your drink hot during a cold winter.

Whoever you give a coffee mug as a gift is sure to appreciate and thank you. However, the wide variety of coffee mugs out there means you need to be aware of their taste and design before buying them the gift.

Unlike coffee travel mugs, coffee cups are perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee at home or work. However, this isn’t the best gift for someone that travels a lot. A Coffee cup gifting is the most common coffee gift throughout the world. If you want to stay on the safe side, just gift a coffee lover a coffee cup, as it’s a foolproof gift. Again, be sure to know your recipient’s taste before buying or custom printing a design.

A coffee mug is the best gift ideas for coffee lovers

Temperature Control Smart Mug

This is a very convenient and wonderful gift to give a coffee lover.  This invention shows just how far technology has come. A temperature-controlled mug can be used to keep anything warm, from coffee to milk and tea. Gifting a temperature control mug to coffee aficionados may just make you the person they love the most.

However, every great thing comes with a great price. This simple and convenient tool is very expensive, and a single cup can be anywhere from $200 to $400. Yet if the price falls within your budget, go ahead and give your recipient a gift they will treasure.

However, you need to think about the future costs this product might incur for the one you’re giving it to. The mug is fairly fragile, and getting it repaired is hard, not just for the price, but also because people that can repair these mugs aren’t found easily. This mug is a fairly new introduction to the market, and so is not found commonly, and people usually don’t have experience regarding it.

Coffee Makers

Although this is an expensive choice, a coffee maker is a marvelous and highly sought-after coffee gift. If you have a limited budget, we recommend you buy a manual coffee maker, but if you can afford to spend a bit more then an electronic coffee maker is the perfect choice for you.

Anyone who likes coffee even the slightest bot will appreciate a coffee maker, much less a coffee lover.  Some dislike the electronic ones, but the manual coffee makers are liked by almost everyone. Since a coffee maker is an expensive gift, we recommend you don’t keep it as a surprise. Simply ask them what coffee maker they want. We assure you, this won’t make the gift any less special.

Coffee maker manufacturing is a booming market. There are various brands and outlets, and due to such a broad range, it can be tricky to differentiate between counterfeit and original machinery. We recommend you shop from the manufacturer’s official website or brand outlets only.

If the product isn’t available in your country and you’re forced to import the product, buy it from a trusted site. Being especially cautious is necessary when purchasing an electronic coffee maker, as it is vastly more expensive when compared with a manual.

Major companies that manufacture coffee makers are Keurig Green Mountain Inc, Panasonic Corporation, Nestlé S.A, Newell Brands, De’Longhi Group.

Coffee Pillow Covers

Okay, I believe anyone can guess what is paragraph is about, but then, who doesn’t like lap pillows? Many people hug them to sleep, and what is better for a coffee lover than a coffee-related pillow cover? Although this idea is a simple and fairly obvious option, it has a necessary place in this list. This might be the best gift to give a coffee lover.

This gift is a cheap and easily available option, and there isn’t much that could go wrong with this one. Although there are many prints and fabrics available, be sure to once again know their ideal choice for comfort.

Coffee Wear

Coffee wear has become particularly more common in winters. People love to match the season with the vibe of coffee. There are several designs available that make coffee-wear a perfect gift item. Some people even wear it to the office or other casual parties to show their love for coffee. Best part? Coffee shirts are quite affordable.

Since its the winter times which goes best with coffee, get a sweatshirt and have a custom design printed on it. A white shirt with a brown coffee mug would look perfect. A customized-printed shirt would cost about $20.

Coffee Socks

This may be the most simple of all the gift ideas for coffee lovers in this list, but sometimes simplicity is what brings the most happiness.  If your relationship is casual, getting your recipient a pair of socks with a wobbly-eyed coffee cup sewed/printed on them may be the very thing that brings a smile to their faces every morning.

Coffee Painting

This one is in the home décor category and is the perfect coffee gift to give to any type of relationship. Whether it be your parents, spouse, boss, or colleague, everyone is bound to love this gift. Paintings have been the epitome of art for centuries, and even in current times, paintings are still one of the most expensive things to own.

What you’ll be gifting doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive million-dollar painting. A simple, but beautiful-looking painting served the purpose just fine. Paintings are all well and good, but you could even gift the recipient a framed computer-printed art and we’re sure they’d appreciate it just the same.

What matters is a beautifully framed photo featuring their favorite drink. You can easily buy a painting like this. It can be easily bought from any supermarket or small business. You can even pay an artist to make one especially for you. However, do think about the recipient’s home décor before choosing this gift as might not be able to put it up if it doesn’t match the theme.

A Side by Side Comparision to Help You Decide

Gift Ideas
Price RangeTarget Age GroupRelationship With the RecipientBest Brands to Buy From
Coffee Subscriptions$100+Middle ages and above. Most people truly appreciate good coffee beans when they reach this age bracket.Close friends and familyAtlas
Travel Mugs$50-$100Free AgeFamily, friends, and professional acquaintancesKinto
Temperature Controlled Travel Mugs$100+20+
These mugs are expensive. You don’t want to give them to someone that might damage them.
Family, friends, and professional acquaintancesTech tools
Coffee Makers$500+20+Family, friends, and professional acquaintancesKeurig
Black and Decker
Coffee Pillow Covers$20-$50Teen AgesFriends and Family
Coffee Wear$30-$100Teen AgesFriends and Family
Coffee Socks$20-$50Teen AgesFriends and Family
Coffee Paintings$50+, you could have it done cheaper by a small artistFree AgeFriends, Family, and personal acquaintancesAmazon
Small Artists

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a small list to help you give you a brief idea of what gifts to choose for a coffee lover. Choosing a gift for a coffee lover is a really easy task, as there is a lot to choose from. There is a large variety of ideas resulting in multiple things you can choose from, keeping your recipient’s likes and your budget in mind.

The above-mentioned ideas are all easy to get and purchase except for a few. However, we recommend a coffee cup or mug as the best gift to give a coffee lover. Not only is the gift personal, but it is also affordable and is sure to be appreciated. Whatever you decide on, we hope your recipient loves the gift you get them. Good luck!!

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