How much salt to add in coffee?

How Much Salt to Add in Coffee? | Tested Formula | Expert Analysis

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It may sound strange to add salt in a cup of coffee. However, salt is a fantastic sugar substitute for coffee. In fact, people all over the world are already adding salt to coffee. If you do not prefer the bitter taste of coffee, salt can be an excellent means of neutralizing it. However, the question is, how much salt to add in coffee? Keep reading to find out!

You should add a pinch of salt (a little less than ¼ a teaspoon) in an 8 oz. cup of coffee. If the coffee is bitter, add slightly more than ¼ teaspoon of salt in it. You can also add salt in coffee grounds, mix them, and brew the coffee for a more flavorful cup.

Why Do People Add Salt to Coffee?

People add salt in coffee because it lessens the coffee’s bitterness without the use of sugar or sweeteners. The salty taste enhances the sweeter side of coffee and brings out the aroma. The fundamental reason is to neutralize bitterness.

People also add salt in coffee because it enhances the flavor. Moreover, stale water makes coffee taste stale too. Thus, adding salt to the brew makes the water quality better. In addition to that, salt is a healthy alternative to sugar and contains nutrients like magnesium. It helps to fight Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Many people wonder how salt brings a unique bitter effect. The science behind adding salt to coffee is simple: Human taste buds can detect sweet, salty, bitter, and sour tastes, but bitterness has a biochemical response that is distinct from other senses. Calcium ions get sent to our brains when we drink bitter coffee. While salt can intensify sweet, umami, and sour flavors, it has the opposite effect on the bitter taste.

Salt stimulates salt receptors on our tongue, specifically sodium ions. To counterbalance the flavor, sodium ions bind to salt receptors on the tongue, decreasing our perception of bitterness. This reduces bitterness while increasing sweetness and other taste sensations. This indicates that adding salt to coffee enhances its natural sweetness.

How Much Salt to Add in Coffee?

For one 8 oz. cup of coffee, you should put one-fourth teaspoon of salt. The amount is equal to a pinch of salt. You can either put the salt directly into the cup of coffee or add it to your coffee grounds.

Brewing Coffee With Salt

Instead of adding salt to your coffee mug, you can brew the coffee with salt. The resulting coffee will taste fresh and will have more sweet tones to it. Before proceeding with this method, go for a simple test of preparing a cup of coffee and tasting it. If it is very bitter, you will need more than a pinch of salt. If it is moderately bitter, a pinch of salt ( ¼ teapoon) will suffice.


  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons ground coffee
  • 16 oz. water


Add salt to the coffee grounds and mix thoroughly. Then put the mixture into the coffee machine and start the brewing process. Pour the coffee into mugs and enjoy!

The second method requires only adding a pinch of salt to the water in the water reservoir. Next, brew as usual and enjoy a sweeter-tasting coffee.

Does Coffee Have Salt?

Three cups of coffee on a brown table

Coffee itself has no sodium. However, if you add creamers and milk to it, then your coffee may contain sodium. A caffe latte contains around 170 mg of sodium in it, while a cappuccino contains 120 mg of sodium. A white chocolate mocha contains the most sodium (270 mg), and a hot chocolate mocha contains 150 mg of sodium. A regular Caffe mocha contains 150 mg of sodium.

If you want to limit your sodium/salt consumption, we recommend switching to cold brews, as they contain 20-40 mg of sodium per cup. However, remember that salt-flavored drinks such as salted caramel coffee contain more sodium (300 mg and above). If you want to completely limit your salt intake, switch to black coffee as it contains 0 mg of sodium.

Different Types of Coffees and Their Sodium Content

Type of CoffeeSodium Content
Caffe Latte170 mg
Cappuccino120 mg
White chocolate Mocha270 mg
Dark chocolate Mocha150 mg
Regular Caffe Mocha150 mg
Black Coffee0 mg
Salted Caramel CoffeeMore than 300 mg
Americano21 mg

Is Salt In Coffee Good?

You may be wondering if drinking coffee with salt might taste unpleasant. However, that is not the case. The coffee will not taste salty but will mask the bitter taste, leading to a sweeter brew. Coffee with added salt will also have more aroma. If you want to limit your sugar and milk intake, we recommend adding salt to your coffee. Once you get used to it, there is no going back.

Health Benefits of Salt in Coffee

Apart from enhancing the flavor of coffee, salt has some health benefits. Adults should consume around 6-7 grams of salt a day. Too much salt can be harmful, of course, but maintaining the perfect amount of salt in your diet can help you stay hydrated and balances the electrolyte levels in your body. According to Dr. Steven Lin, salt also helps prevent muscle cramps and helps in promoting your vascular health. You will also have a healthier nervous system and will be able to sleep better.


Now that you know much salt to add to coffee, you can enhance the flavors and reduce the bitterness of all your drinks. Adding salt to coffee is an excellent way of boosting aroma as well. Remember to not add too much salt as the salty side of coffee may come to light.


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