What is the Strongest Type of Coffee? Brands, Beans, and Brews

Sometimes, an espresso shot or two might not be enough to keep you awake, and you wonder what the strongest coffee type is. Coffee can be strong in terms of caffeine content, flavor, or even in terms of bean type. Thus, we all have different perceptions of strong coffee.

The strongest type of coffee is Death Wish Coffee, with 600 mg of caffeine per cup. The most caffeinated coffee beans are Robusta coffee beans. When it comes to espresso-based drinks, a drink with three shots of espresso is the strongest. Brewing coffee for a more extended period using fine grinds also leads to a stronger coffee.

Which Brand Sells the Strongest Coffee?

Death Wish Coffee contains an astounding 54.2 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. In comparison to the typical 100–200 mg found in most basic drip coffee, Death wish contains 600+ mg of caffeine per cup. This is a very high amount of caffeine for a single cup of coffee and may result in various health risks.

Death Wish Coffee might be the solution you are seeking if your work is plagued by bouts of weariness and you frequently search for a drink to keep you up. However, routine consumption is not advised.

Death Wish Coffee started in a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs in New York. The world’s strongest coffee was invented there in 2012 by the company’s founder, Mike Brown. He had a dream to make the strongest coffee in the world, and he achieved it. Death Wish coffee is mostly imported from Peru and India.

Death Wish Coffee is a remarkable mixture of Arabica and Indian Robusta beans. Since Robusta coffee is stronger than Arabica coffee, it adds an extra dose of caffeine to DeathWish. It is different from other mixed coffee brands due to its unique roasting method, which prevents the beans from losing their caffeine. This coffee has a dark body and looks highly roasted. Even though it is similar to dark roast coffee, it has a very high caffeine content which dark roast coffee usually does not have. It is acidic but not bitter, with chestnut, nutty, and butter undertones. 

Strongest Type of Coffee — Death Wish Coffee


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Other coffees which can be called the strongest type of coffee are:

What Is the Strongest Type of Coffee Bean?

There are four main kinds of coffee, namely Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee, Liberica coffee, and Robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is the strongest coffee type containing 2.7% caffeine content per coffee bean. In fact, Robusta coffee is famous for its strong taste and high caffeine content. That is why Robusta coffee is so popular when it comes to brewing espresso: it yields a better crema and a stronger taste. Robusta coffee has double the content of caffeine as compared to Arabica coffee.

What Makes a Coffee Strong?

Before talking about the strongest coffee type, we must discuss what strong coffee actually is. Different people have different views regarding what strong coffee is. Some believe a bolder taste is what makes coffee strong, while some believe a higher caffeine content does. Some even believe lesser milk makes coffee strong.

Coffee Strength in Terms of Espresso Content

When it comes to espresso-based drinks, the strength of the drink depends on the number of shots of espresso. Increasing the number of shots in the drink increases the caffeine content and makes the drink stronger. Thus, a drink with three shots of espresso would be the strongest coffee type in terms of espresso content.

Typically, a single shot (solo) of espresso delivers roughly 30ml of espresso from 7g of espresso-fine grinds. A double shot makes around 60ml of espresso from 14g of coffee. Not much truly vary in terms of flavor. From 30mg to 50mg of caffeine can be found in one liquid ounce of espresso. A double shot contains between 60 and 100mg of caffeine, while 180 mg of caffeine is included in 3 shots of espresso.

a cup of espresso

Coffee Strength in Terms of Flavor

The best way to define strong coffee is as a blend of rich taste and high caffeine content. On an inverse sliding scale, roasts differ from one another. Broadly speaking, dark roasts have stronger flavors and lesser caffeine as compared to light roasts. Light roasts contain more caffeine but have a milder flavor. Thus if you think strong coffee means rich and bold flavors, then dark roast coffee is the strongest type of coffee.

Coffee can also have a strong flavor if you tweak the coffee-to-water ratio. Using more coffee and lesser water and milk will lead to a stronger coffee. Brewing the coffee for longer will make your coffee’s flavor strong no matter what roast you use. For example, if you let the coffee sit in the cold brew for 48 hours, it will be more flavorful as compared to if you let it sit for 10 hours.

Coffee Strength in Terms of Caffeine Content

The caffeine content also helps you evaluate the strongest type of coffee. If you believe that a higher content of caffeine makes a coffee strong, then light roast coffee is the strongest coffee for you. Light roast coffee beans are smaller since they have not been heated for too long.

These beans are dense and packed with caffeine. If the same quantity of beans or scoops is used, the caffeine level of light roast coffee will be higher. Dark roast beans lose mass during roasting; therefore, if weighed, the same weight of dark and light roasts will have the same quantity of caffeine. White coffee or blonde roasts contain the highest amount of caffeine.

You can learn more about the caffeine content in different types of coffee beans and evaluate the strength of your coffee. – How Much Caffeine in a Cup Of Coffee?

Strength in Terms of Brewing Method

The kind of brewing method you are using will affect how strong the coffee is. In any case, brewing for extended time will result in the most caffeinated coffee as more coffee will be extracted. Cold-brew often has the most caffeine content in terms of brewing methods. This is because we use more coffee than usual and keep it in the fridge for 24 hours or more.

Also, different brewing methods use different grind sizes, and finer grinds result in more potent brews. Turkish Coffee is often stronger than regular drip coffee as it uses extra-fine grinds and is to drink with the coffee unfiltered.

Extra coarse grinds result in lighter coffee as the lesser surface area is exposed to the water, and thus lesser extraction occurs. If you are wondering what the strongest type of coffee based on the brewing method is, it will always be coffee brewed for a longer time using fine grinds and with a high coffee content in comparison to water content.

Below is a comparison table for the strongest type of coffee based on various factors.

Strongest Coffee Based On Different Aspects

Strongest espresso-based coffee

Any drink with three shots of espresso

Coffee roast type with strongest flavors

Dark roast coffees

Coffee roast type with most caffeine

Light roast coffee

Strongest brew-type

Cold brew

Grind size leading to strongest coffee

Fine – Powdery grinds

Strongest coffee bean type

Robusta coffee beans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the strongest type of coffee?

Answer: Death Wish Coffee is the strongest type of coffee with 600 mg of caffeine per cup. It is available in the form of coffee grounds, coffee beans, and coffee capsules.

Question: What new types of strong coffee should I try?

Answer: There are several types of strong coffees you can try including Black Label, Shock Coffee, Black Insomnia, and High Voltage Coffee. 

Question: What is the weakest type of coffee?

Answer: Latte is the weakest type of coffee as it has a higher content of milk compared to other types of coffee. This results in higher milk to coffee ratio.


If we are talking about espresso-based drinks, a drink with three espresso shots will be the strongest. If we are talking about coffee brands, Death Wish coffee is the strongest type of coffee. If you are wondering what is the strongest type of coffee in terms of flavor only, dark roasted coffee is the strongest. In terms of brewing methods, coffee brewed for longer periods using fine grinds is the strongest. We hope this was helpful in solving your query regarding strongest type of coffee.

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