How to Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar?

How To Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar? 11 Best Ways

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Cutting down on sugar is one of the first steps when people start their weight loss plans. However, many of us are so used-to to having sugar in our coffee. Most Americans have coffee as an essential part of their breakfast and everyday routine. Luckily, there are other ways to sweeten your coffee that are healthier and low-caloric.

You can sweeten coffee without sugar by adding honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, salt, vanilla beans, mint, almond milk, date sugar, Stevia, coconut cream, or cocoa powder. Adding Vanilla, almond milk, and mint are the healthiest ways to sweeten coffee without sugar.

Follow the detailed and well-researched guide to find out how can you sweeten coffee without sugar.

Sugar Substitutes to Use in Coffee and Their Health Benefits

Sugar SubstituteHealth Benefits
Honey●       Contains antioxidants

●       Easy to burn

●       Antibacterial and antifungal properties

●       Heals wounds

●       Phytonutrient powerhouse

●       Help for digestive issues

Maple Syrup●       Contains Antioxidants

●       Low Glycemic Index

●       Antiinflammatory

●       Helps Protect Against Cancer

●       Good for Skin Health

●       Alternative To Sugar For Improved Digestion

●       Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Date Sugar●        Contains fibers, potassium, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, and iron

●       Low glycemic index

Salt●       Helps you stay hydrated. To stay better hydrated your body needs a delicate balance of sodium and potassium

●       Promotes good vascular health

●       Balances electrolytes and prevents muscle cramping

●       Supports a healthy nervous system

●       Improves sleep

Stevia●       Helps Control Diabetes

●       Helps in controlling weight

●       May Lower Cholesterol Levels

●       May Aid in Maintaining Oral Health

●       May Help Improve Skin

●       May Regulate Blood Pressure

Cocoa powder●       Improves cholesterol levels

●       Keeps blood sugar levels constant

●       Reduces risk of heart disease

●       Lowers risk of stroke

Mint●       Masks bad breath

●       Improves brain function

●       Relieves indigestion

●       Improves IBS symptoms

●       Helps cure flu and cold

Almond milk●       Low caloric

●       Rich in nutrients

●       Dairy-free

●       Rich in vitamin D

●       Strengthens your bones

Coconut cream●       Promotes weight loss

●       Increases energy levels

●       Vegan

●       Low carb

●       Dairy-free

Vanilla●       Inflammatory

●       Heals wounds

●       Prevents sleep apnea

●       Fewer calories and carbs than sugar

●       Lowers cholesterol levels

Agave●       Low glycemic index

●       Promotes healthy heart

●       Helps with depression symptoms

●       Boosts metabolism

1. Use Honey to Sweeten Coffee

Honey is the healthiest way to sweeten coffee since it is rich in antioxidants.

How To Use Honey for Coffee?

Add one or two tablespoons to your coffee, mix it, and you will be good to go! However, since honey has a distinct taste, it might alter the taste of your coffee. If you are willing to live with that, then honey is the best option.

Why You Should Use It?

Honey is a healthy alternative because it contains glucose and fructose, which are easy to burn. Sugar is made up of disaccharides, so it takes longer to burn. Also, honey contains antioxidants that help to fight diseases in your body.

Pouring honey in coffee to sweeten it

2. Use Maple Syrup to Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar

Maple syrup is yet another natural and healthy alternative to sugar. Not only is it a good alternative, but it also enhances the taste of coffee. You will be hooked to maple-flavored coffee before you know it.

How To Use Maple Syrup for Coffee?

Add 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup to one (8 oz.) cup of brewed coffee and stir well. Then add milk if you prefer and enjoy. Do not add milk before adding maple syrup because the syrup will mix better in the brew.

Why You Should Use It?

Maple syrup is much healthier than sugar. It contains manganese, calcium, potassium, zinc, riboflavin, and other nutrients. Maple syrup is also rich in antioxidants, so it will help to ward off illnesses. It has roughly the same amount of calories as sugar but contains more nutrients. Also, it will add Vanilla and caramel-like flavors to your coffee which can be a treat.

3. Using Date Sugar

Date sugar is also an excellent way to sweeten coffee without sugar. Since it is less treated than more typical sugars, date sugar is most frequently found in natural grocery stores. It’s created from dried dates and lends a rich flavor to coffee. However, it won’t dissolve in beverages. You can stir it in, it will leave its flavor, but it will not completely dissolve.

How To Use Date Sugar to Sweeten Coffee?

Add one tablespoon of date sugar to your coffee. Mix it for a longer time than you would mix regular sugar.

Why You Should Use It?

Dates are richer in fiber, protein, potassium, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, and iron than honey. Date fruits have a glycemic index that is lower than honey. The caramel flavor will make you instantly love it. It is one of the healthiest ways to sweeten coffee.

4. Use Salt to Sweeten Coffee

This might sound odd to you, but salt can actually enhance the sweeter side of coffee.

How To Use Salt to Sweeten Coffee?

There are multiple ways you can use salt in your coffee. A pinch of salt added to coffee reduces bitterness without the need for sugar or any artificial ingredients. Salt draws out the sweetness of coffee by neutralizing the bitterness. It also helps to bring out more aroma.

Method 1 – You can mix salt with ground coffee and then brew it to reduce the bitterness of the coffee.

Method 2 – If you feel like your water is not very fresh, you can add salt to it to reduce staleness. You will ultimately get a fresher and less bitter cup of coffee.

Method 3 – Add a pinch of salt to your prepared coffee and mix well. This method works for instant coffee and all other kinds of coffee.

Why You Should Use It?

The bitter taste of coffee is neutralized by sodium (a significant component of salt). Research has shown that the use of salt in coffee reduces bitterness and expands the flavor as well. This occurs because the taste buds respond to salty flavors rather than bitterness. Furthermore, the extreme acidity of some coffees inhibits most people from getting their daily dosage. In both of these circumstances, a pinch of salt may be enough to reduce the acidity.

5. Use Stevia to Sweeten Coffee

Stevia is another great item to use in coffee instead of sugar.

How To Use Stevia for Coffee?

Add one teaspoon of Stevia to your coffee and mix well. It is as simple as using sugar but keeps you away from all the harmful impacts of sugar.

Why You Should Use It?

Stevia is 100 to 300 times sweeter as compared to table sugar, but it’s free of carbs, calories, and chemical additives. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has been linked to a variety of health advantages, including reduced blood sugar levels.

While refined extracts are thought to be safe, there is little study on whole-leaf and raw products. When used in moderation, stevia has few adverse effects and can be an excellent substitute for processed sugar. It occurs in two forms: liquid and powder. The Stevia plant leaves are often collected, dried, and steeped. The liquid is purified, concentrated, and screened. Stevia is better than processed sugar if you have prediabetes or diabetes.

According to one study on Stevia, there are numerous health benefits including controlled blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and reduced chances of Type II Diabetes. In case you consume sugar in coffee, there is an increased risk of catching all these problems. Therefore, we recommend using Stevia instead of sugar to sweeten coffee.

6. Use Cocoa Powder to Sweeten Coffee

If you are wondering how to make coffee delicious without sugar, cocoa powder is one of the best options. It has a sweetness to it and also a very chocolaty taste. Adding one or two teaspoons to your coffee will turn it into Mocha.

How To Use Cocoa Powder for Coffee?

Add 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa powder into your brewed coffee. Add milk, mix it all, and enjoy. You can also sprinkle cocoa powder on top of your coffee for a subtle taste.

Why You Should Use It?

Polyphenols, antioxidants found in cocoa powder, aid in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels while also reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Theobromine in cocoa powder reduces inflammation and protects against diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. According to one study, Cocoa powder can boost your mood.

Coffee with cocoa powder on it

7. Use Mint to Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar

If you are still confused about how to make your coffee sweet, you should use Mint. It can add fantastic flavors and sweetness to your cup of coffee. Mint may impact the taste of your coffee, though. Therefore, avoid using mint unless you are ready for a refreshing yet foreign minty taste in your coffee. It is actually preferable for iced coffee.

How To Use Mint for Coffee?

Crush/grind 5-6 mint leaves and add them to your cold or hot coffee. For hot coffee, we recommend brewing the coffee on a stovetop and adding crushed mint leaves while the coffee is brewing for more sweetness. This is one of the best low calories ways to sweeten coffee.

Why Should You Use It?

Since mint is an all-natural ingredient, it is rich in nutrients and safe from preservatives and artificial flavors. It helps to improve your brain function. It helps to relieve indigestion and lessen IBS symptoms. The best part about adding mint to your coffee is that it slightly decreases coffee breath. Besides, mint in iced coffee can be a refreshing addition, especially in summers.

8. Use Almond Milk to Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar

Almond milk has a sweetness to it, whether you buy the sweetened or unsweetened type. It is an excellent substitute for sugar and also serves as a flavoring. It is low-caloric milk, so you can replace your regular milk with it and also get rid of the sugar. You simply have to replace your usual dairy with almond milk. Trust us; this will be beneficial for you!

How To Use Almond Milk for Coffee?

Froth the almond milk (1/4 cup) by putting it in a jar and shaking it (you can also froth it with a steam wand or milk frother). Add the frothed almond milk to brewed coffee (1 cup). Do not add it to very hot coffee as it can curdle.

Why Should You Use It?

Almond milk is very low in carbs, so it will help you control your weight. It is also an excellent source of vitamin D and E. Apart from that, almond milk is lactose-free and contains a lot of vital nutrients. According to Medical News Today, drinking almond milk daily can be good for your heart and thus help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Comparison of Cow’s Milk and Almond Milk

 Cow MilkAlmond Milk
Sugar5 grams per 100 grams1.98 grams per 100 grams
Carbohydrates12.2 g3.43 g
Vitamin E0% DVOver 100% DV

As you can see in the table, almond milk has fewer calories and carbs as compared to cow milk. By substituting almond milk for cow milk, you can sweeten your coffee and also control your blood sugar levels. As a result, Almond milk becomes one of the best low-calorie ways to sweeten coffee.

9. Use Coconut Cream to Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar

Coconut cream is a fantastic sweetener for coffee. If you are still confused about how to make your coffee sweet without sugar and don’t like any of the above methods, you will love this one. Coconut cream is both delicious as well as a good substitute for sugar. However, remember that coconut cream is high in calories.

How To Use Coconut Cream for Coffee?

You can add one teaspoon of coconut cream to your coffee instead of milk. Coconut cream can act as your milk or creamer in this case and will sweeten the coffee at the same time.

Why You Should Use It?

Coconut cream contains medium-chain triglycerides, which have been shown in several studies to aid weight loss by reducing hunger and boosting energy. According to Healthline, including coconut cream in your diet can help you get more potassium, an essential ingredient for fluid balance and blood pressure control.

10. Use Vanilla to Sweeten Coffee

Vanilla beans are also a great way to sweeten coffee without sugar. Everyone loves the taste of Vanilla, and it can make your coffee so much yummier. However, do not mistake it with the vanilla essence you find in bottles. Here we are talking about natural vanilla beans.

How To Use Vanilla Pods for Coffee?

Crack open the vanilla pod and scrape the beans out. Put 1-2 vanilla beans in your cup of coffee. Stir for 3-4 minutes.

Why You Should Use Them?

Vanilla has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps benefit your brain’s health. As per Healthline, Vanilla is rich in vanillin, which has potent antioxidant properties. Vanillin is also shown to have anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties. Best of all, Vanilla has a taste that can easily sweeten the coffee without sugar. However, natural Vanilla can be expensive.

Coffee with Vanilla and Biscuits

11. Use Agave to Sweeten Coffee

Agave works similar to maple syrup and honey. It is an excellent way to sweeten coffee without sugar since it easily dissolves. Also, it is delicious and will make your coffee more flavorful.

How To Use Agave Nectar for Coffee?

Add one tablespoon of Agave nectar into your coffee and mix for 10 seconds.

Why You Should Use It?

Agave is just as sweet as sugar, so it will get the sweetness you like. It contains 64 calories, similar to honey. Agave nectar has lower GI nectar than honey, so it does not raise your blood glucose level a lot. According to WebMD, Agave nectar has many health benefits and is a good sugar substitute.


Now that you know how to sweeten coffee without sugar, you can cut your sugar intake happily. Use vanilla beans, maple syrup, honey, almond milk, and all the other ingredients to pack your coffee with flavors. We hope our thorough guide on ways to sweeten coffee without sugar helps you in cutting off the extra sugar from your daily diet and lead a much healthier life.

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