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How to Use the Jura Coffee Machine? [2023 Guide]

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Coffee machines are super easy to operate once you have set them up.  Even though some of you may be used to your usual instant coffee, coffee from Jura coffee machines is so much better! Jura has come up with some fantastic models to fuel your days, and you will love them. While all the controls and instructions may be mind-boggling, don’t worry because we will simplify it for you. This article will teach you how to use a Jura A1 coffee machine and also the Jura E8 coffee machine.

To use any Jura coffee machine, place it on a horizontal surface and ensure the vents are not blocked. Fill the water reservoir and coffee bean tank. Plug it into a power source, select your preferred language, check the water hardness, and prepare the coffee using the command buttons.

How to Use The Jura A1 Coffee Machine

The Jura A1 is among the best coffee machines for domestic use. It is the perfect machine if you are a lover of espresso, black coffee, and risotto because it offers these three in their ideal form. It is a one-cup machine perfect for individuals and small families.

Components of Jura A1

Before we dive into the procedure of using the Jura A1 coffee machine, let’s discuss its components. Understanding the parts of a coffee machine is essential. Before setting up the components, you need to know how they all function and how the absence or malfunctioning of one component can ruin the taste of your coffee.

Water reservoir / Water tank

Every coffee machine has a water reservoir that needs to be filled with fresh water daily. While filling this tank daily is not mandatory, your coffee will taste better if made in fresh water.

When the brew button is pressed, the heating process starts. A hot drink will then pour from the spout, depending on the option you selected. The Jura A1 water tank has a capacity of 37 ounces.

Drip Tray

The drip tray is a sieve-like component that prevents the drink from spilling to the ground. The excess liquid goes into the holes on the drip tray.

Bean Container

The bean container is where you put the coffee beans. In the Jura A1, the coffee bean container is on the top of the machine. It can hold 4.4 ounces of beans.

Coffee beans in a bean container.

Cup Platform

The Jura A1 has a cup platform that is only big enough for one cup as it is meant for personal use. The cup platform is made of stainless steel.

Coffee Grounds Container

This container is meant for coffee grounds only, so do not add coffee beans. You will have to pull out the entire tray to add the coffee grounds to it.

Ventilation Slots

The ventilation slots allow excess heat to escape the coffee machine. Make sure these vents are clean and not blocked. Blocking of the ventilation slots can lead to overheating of the machine.

Coffee Spout

The coffee spout is the pipe through which hot steamy coffee comes out.

Prepping The Jura A1 Coffee Machine

  1. Before turning on the machine, place it on a flat surface away from water.
  2. Next, remove the aroma preservation lid from the coffee bean container. Remove any dirt or dust from this lid. (You haven’t talked about it in the components)
  3. Now fill the bean container of your Jura A1 with some untreated roasted coffee beans. Ensure you don’t add treated coffee beans as they can damage the grinder. Close the lid.
  4. Connect the Jura A1 to a power supply. Set the language you prefer.

Activating the Filter Cartridge

  1. If the water in your area is more than ten dH (degree of hardness), attach the blue filter cartridge. Otherwise, skip this step.
  2. Press the filter symbol on the controls. Remove the water tank from the coffee machine and open the filter holder.
  3. Put the filter cartridge in the water tank by putting pressure on it. After it is attached, close the filter holder and click it into place.
  4. Now add fresh water into the water tank and then place it back in its original position. Press the filter symbol, and the machine will rinse the filter. Water will then flow directly onto the drip tray.

Using the Machine Without a Filter Cartridge

  1. If you do not want to use the blue filter cartridge, you can set the hardness level on the machine.
  2. Press the descaling symbol, and the different options will light up. There are three levels of hardness depicted by cups. If only one small cup is illuminated, it represents soft water (in the range 1-15 dH). When the small and medium cups light up, it shows slight/medium hardness (16-23 dH). When all three cups light up, it means very hard water. Select your preferred water hardness level.
  3. Press the descaling option.
  4. Now your machine is ready to use.

Preparing Your Coffee

  1. Place a cup or mug on the cupholder.
  2. The Ristretto, Espresso, and coffee symbols will light up on display. There will also be a symbol for strong coffee strength. Press the symbol for whichever drink you would like.
  3. The machine will start preparing the drink. A preset amount of the drink will flow into your cup when it is ready. After that, the machine stops preparing, and it is ready for use again.
Coffee pouring out from the machine’s spout.

How to Use The Jura E8 Coffee Machine

The Jura E8 is also a fantastic coffee machine, and it is super easy to use. From an aromatic espresso to a fashionable cortado, the revolutionary E8 provides 17 diverse delicacies.

This coffee machine can also produce mild specialties like caffè Barista and lungo Barista due to a redesigned fluid system. This is a professional coffee machine and offers Barista standard drinks.

Components of the Jura E8 Coffee Maker

The components of the Jura E8 are very similar to that of the A1. It includes only a few different parts. The major difference between the E8 and A1 is that the E8 is bigger with a larger capacity. Also, the Jura E8 has a milk system with foam frother.

Milk System

Thanks to the milk system present in the Jura E8, you can get creamy and feather-light milk foam in your coffee. Your coffee will be more café-like and tastier! Make sure this component is attached properly.

Milk frother making foam/froth.

Cup Grille

This machine features a cup grille. The cup grille is a metallic grill for placing your cup, and the excess liquid will drip down into this tray.

Here is a list of all the components:

  • Filler funnel and cover.
  • Aroma preservation cover.
  • Water tank.
  • Drip tray.
  • Milk system with milk frother.
  • Adjustable coffee spout.
  • Cup grille.
  • Cover cap for grinder adjustment switch.

Prepping the Jura E8 Coffee Maker

  1. Place the Jura E8 on a flat horizontal surface and make sure that the vents are not blocked.
  2. Lift the coffee bean container’s aroma preservation cover. Clear this lid of any dirt or dust.
  3. Fill your Jura E8’s bean reservoir with some unprocessed roasted coffee beans. Make sure you don’t use processed coffee beans in your grinder because they can damage it. After that, close the lid of the bean reservoir.
  4. Connect the coffee machine to a source of electricity. Choose the language you want to use. There will be multiple options, and you can select one using the ‘>’ button on the bottom right.

Changing Water Hardness

  1. Before making coffee using your Jura E8, you need to check the hardness of the water. There are Aquadur aqua strips within the package which you can use to check the hardness. Dip the strips under running water for a second and take them out. Wait for a minute.
  2. Tally the discoloration of your Aquadur strip with the description of the packaging. You will see how hard your water is by comparing it to the description.
  3. Now that you know how hard your tap water is, you can change the hardness level in your machine. Use the ‘>’ and ‘<‘ buttons to change the hardness and then press save.

Connecting the Milk Frother

  1. Remove the fine foam frother’s protective packaging.
  2. Connect one end of the milk pipe to the fine foam frother. The other end should be connected to a milk container. You can also position one end of the milk pipe inside a milk carton.
  3. Milk temperature of 4–8 °C is the most critical requirement for foaming. As a result, we suggest utilizing a milk chiller or a vacuum milk container.

Inserting Filter

  1. Remove the water tank and wash it.
  2. Place the filter cartridge and the cartridge extension in the water tank. Keep rotating it clockwise until you hear a click. The click means that it is now firmly in place.
  3. Now fill the water tank with cold water and put it back into its place. The machine will detect that a filter has been inserted and will rinse the filter.
  4. Water will flow out of the frother. The machine will instruct you to empty the drip tray. After emptying the tray, put it back in its place.

Preparing the Drink

  1. On the cup grille, place a cup or mug.
  2. From the start screen, select the drink you want.
  3. The machine will prepare the beverage. The machine will pour a specific amount of the drink along with creamy, fine froth when it’s done.
A Comparison Of The Features Offered by Jura A1 And Jura E8
SpecificationsJura A1Jura E8
Coffee bean capacity4.41 ounces9.88 ounces
Capacity9 cups16 cups
Weight20.28 lb21.61 lb
Height12.72 inches13.82 inches
Touch screenNot presentPresent
Milk systemNot presentPresent
Drip trayNot removableRemovable
Grinder settingsNot adjustableAdjustable

How to Use Bypass on Jura Coffee Machine

A bypass door is a blessing for people who don’t want to use the coffee already in the machine. If two people want a different drink, a bypass doser can be super helpful.

A bypass doser is a short chute located towards the top of the super-automatic machine that only receives pre-ground coffee. A bypass doser allows you to brew coffee different than that which is kept in the coffee machine’s bean hopper.

How to Use The Bypass?

  1. Open the Bypass doser chute.
  2. Insert pre-ground coffee into the chute and close the lid.
  3. Select your drink options and press start.
  4. The machine will quickly prepare a steamy hot drink!
Ground coffee in a spoon.

Safety Tips For Using a Coffee Machine

While coffee making can be fun, there are several things you need to keep in mind before you start brewing. Follow the safety tips below

  1. Check the cables of the machine thoroughly. If any cord is damaged or frayed, do not connect it to a power supply. Contact the seller immediately for a replacement.
  2. Place the machine away from children.
  3. Touch only the handles of the machine. Avoid touching the fine foam frother and the hot water spout when the machine is on. The frother and spout can be very hot because they are metallic, and the liquid flowing through them can heat them.
  4. Make sure all the components of the coffee machine are inserted properly. Take extra care while attaching the foam frother; otherwise, it might fall off.
  5. Do not immerse any of the cables in water. There are serious consequences of cables touching the water, including electric shocks. Electric shocks can be fatal. According to Medical News Today, 5% of burn unit admissions are because of electric shock injuries in the U.S.A. Some of the severe effects include coma, heart attacks, and respiratory arrests.
  6. Never cover the ventilation openings of the machine. These vents are meant to cool the machine and prevent overheating. Covering these vents will damage the machine.
  7. Do not clean the coffee machines with strong alkaline cleaning agents. Use only mild detergents and a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  8. Do not add hot water to the water reservoir.
  9. Connect the coffee machines directly to a power socket and not to extension boards.
  10. Protect the cartridges from heat and direct sunlight.
  11. Replace the water in the water reservoir daily.
  12. Do not add processed or treated coffee beans to the coffee reservoir, as they damage the burr grinder. Processed beans mean any beans with additives or any freeze-dried coffee.
  13. Do not add sparkling water or other liquids to the water tank.
Man holding an electric plug.


Thanks to Jura coffee machines, not only will you enjoy fresh and flavorful coffee every morning, but it will also save you plenty of time as you can multitask while the coffee brews. The Jura A1 and Jura E8 are fantastic machines, and they are effortless to operate. We talked about how we can use these machines and also how to use ground coffee in the bypass doser. We hope you will be treating yourself to some fresh Jura coffee soon!

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