Where is Melitta Coffee Grown?

Where is Melitta Coffee Grown?

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Melitta coffee is premium Arabica coffee that is carefully handpicked. As much as we adore Melitta’s range of gourmet coffees, coffeemakers, and coffee filters, we can not help but wonder ‘where is Melitta coffee grown, and what is their history?’. Let’s dive into more details about the Melitta Coffee.

Melitta Coffee is produced from beans grown in Costa Rica, Colombia, Kenya, Guatemala, and other high-altitude areas. The company does not grow the coffee beans themselves rather outsources them from multiple coffee farms. Melitta roasts the coffee beans in Melitta’s Cherry Hill roasting facility in New Jersey.

Where Does The Melitta Coffee Company Get Coffee Beans From?

Melitta sources its coffee beans from various countries, including Kenya, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, etc. They do not have one particular location for growing their coffee but have stated on their website that they get their 100% Arabica beans from the locations mentioned above. They have specified that all their coffee grows in tropical and subtropical climate regions found in volcanic soil types.

Arabica beans are given the utmost care and attention. They are usually grown on hillsides above 2,000 feet in elevation. Their best coffee beans are grown at a 5000 feet elevation. They only pick the beans that were grown under perfect growing conditions of temperature, drainage, pH, moisture, friability, and slope degree and direction. Melitta roasts its coffee beans in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Their premium Arabica Coffee grows well in volcanic soils. The different coffee types come from different coffee-producing regions. For example, the Melitta Colombian Supreme is a blend of coffees primarily grown in Colombia and other states in the “Bean Belt” region of Latin America. On the other hand, the Melitta Classic Blend is a combination of high-quality coffees from throughout the world.

All About Melitta Coffee
Founder of Melitta companyMelitta Bentz
Filter DesignPatented in 1908
Regions of operationEurope, North America, South America.
Roasting facilityCherry Hill, New Jersey
Coffee growing regionsLatin America, East Africa, and others.

Melitta History

The history of the Melitta coffee company is fascinating. Melitta Bentz, the founder of Melitta, was actually the person who invented coffee filters! She was a housewife from Dresden, Germany. The initial design was a simple filter made from old paper on top of a perforated brass pot. She patented the design and finalized it in 1908. She set up a Melitta coffee shop with her children and husband, selling coffee filters to Germans.

By the 1930s, the design was completely different. She turned it into the triangular folded paper design that we use every day now. By trial and error, Melitta Bentz managed to make the perfect coffee filter design and started growing her store.

Melitta Bentz’s invention is still the forerunner of all contemporary pour-over and drip coffee brewing around the globe. It has been more than a century since the invention of the conventional coffee maker, yet Melitta continues to lead the filter game.

Melitta’s premium coffees, filters, and coffeemakers are known for offering the best coffee experience possible. Melitta Worldwide operates in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, providing products and services for coffee enjoyment, as well as food storage, preparation, and cleaning.

 A triangular coffee filter in a funnel

Melitta Filter Coffee Machine

Melitta produces white, natural brown, and bamboo paper reusable coffee filters. The most popular way to brew coffee using the drip technique is with paper filters. Therefore, you can say that Melitta paper filters are a favorite among many.The Melitta paper filters remove the most particles and effectively capture sediments to give you a smoother and perfectly balanced cup of joe.

Furthermore, Melitta paper filters are designed to utilize any grind, whereas permanent filters demand coarser grinds. Coffees with a finer grind have a bigger surface area exposed to the water, resulting in a richer cup of coffee. Some permanent filters may provide an unpleasant odor and taste to your coffee. This is because permanent filters are frequently used over a long period of time and are prone to buildup. However, this is not the case with Melitta paper filters. Since they are single-use filters, there is no fear of buildup. Melitta paper filters give you an edge over reusable permanent filters.

Melitta Whole Bean Coffee

Apart from paper filters, Melitta also has an impressive array of whole bean coffee. As said before, these 100% Arabica coffee beans are grown at high altitudes and are carefully handpicked. Only the best ones are selected. According to Melitta, they only accept 2% of the sampled coffee beans. Therefore, the selection is unique, and they give you only the most elite form of coffee.

The Melitta whole coffee beans are kosher-certified which makes them safe to eat for people following kosher diets. They are roasted and packed in New Jersey. You can be sure that you will get a smooth, well-balanced, and rich cup of coffee from these beans. The BellaCrema coffee beans are the low-acidity type with a mild and light aroma. Therefore, if you are prone to stomach problems, then you can try these out.

Luckily for you, they have a wide selection of Arabica coffee beans to choose from. If you prefer a medium roast with a richer taste, you can go for their 100% whole Colombian beans. For an even richer and deeper flavor, try out the Dark Noir flavored whole beans. Lovers of dark roast coffee will love Melitta’s dark roast coffee. These Dark Noir whole beans are full of smoky overtones.

Whole bean coffee


Melitta coffee beans are famous for their deep flavors and prominent overtones in every sip. Since they source their beans from climates best suited to coffee crops, they are able to achieve the best quality. Melitta also manufacturers coffee filters, coffee makers, pour-over brewers, and premium coffees for your ultimate satisfaction. Do give them a try!

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