Nespresso Orange Light Blinking ? Common Problems & Fixes

Nespresso Blinking Orange Light: Common Problems and Fixes

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For Nespresso machine owners, encountering a blinking orange light can be a real headache, delaying their quest for the perfect espresso. However, by understanding the reasons behind this issue, you can swiftly address it and return to enjoying your coffee.

This guide delves into the potential causes of a flashing orange light on your Nespresso machine and offers actionable solutions. Continue reading to get insights on diagnosing and resolving the blinking orange light on your Nespresso machine!

Why is My Nespresso Blinking Orange Light?

Nespresso Orange Blinking Light
Nespresso Vertuo with orange blinking light

The Nespresso machine’s orange blinking light means that either there is water shortage in the reservoir or the capsule container is full. Recognizing these common triggers can help you swiftly address the problem and ensure a smooth coffee-making experience.

The flashing orange light on your Nespresso machine can indicate several things.

  • Typically, it means the device needs a clean or descaling. If the machine gets too warm, the light will flash until it cools.
  • You might also see this blinking light when you plug it in or after extensive use. If it blinks two times in a row, it could point to an empty water tank, an overheating issue, or a malfunctioning part.
  • If you have filled the water and cleaned the machine, but the light persists, there might be a technical glitch. In such cases, contacting Nespresso support for further assistance is a good idea, as the machine might need a reset or repair.

According to its pattern, here’s a table stating the most common reason for a blinking orange light in your Nespresso machine.

Orange Light Status


Flashing twice every secondMachine requires cleaning
Blinking three timesDescaling is needed
Two blinks in 1 second, followed by OFFAn issue with the capsule holder
Gradually fading out (pulse down)The machine is overheated and needs cooling
On for 1.5 seconds, OFF for 0.5 secondsRefill the water tank
Blinking five times within 10 secondsPerform a factory reset on the machine
Alternating between orange and white (3 seconds)Immediate descaling is essential

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How to fix Nespresso’s blinking orange light?

If the orange light on your Nespresso Vertuo machine blinks, it might mean you have started a cleaning process like descaling or the machine needs a reset.

To address this, try unplugging the machine and giving it a 30-minute break to cool down. Afterwards, ensure the water tank is correctly positioned and plug the device back in.

A blinking orange light can also signify low water pressure. In such cases, a factory reset might be required. Start by opening the machine head, removing any capsule inside, and then closing the head back without inserting a capsule.

Following are most commonly asked questions concerning the orange light blinking on Nespresso. We’ve mentioned the fix for each.

How to fix the device if the orange light blinks 2 times per second?

Seeing your Nespresso machine’s orange light flashing twice every second like the video above?

My Nespresso had this issue. To resolve it, I unplug it , heat up some water, soak a balled-up paper towel, and then use it to clean the upper rotating mechanism inside the dishwasher. After this quick procedure, I plug it back in, and it works perfectly. Trust me! This works.

Here’s a straightforward guide to getting your machine spick and span:

What you will need?

  • Soft cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Small brush

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Nespresso Blinking Light Problem

  1. Disconnect power: First, unplug the machine for safety.
  2. Exterior cleaning: Wipe the machine’s outer surface with a soft cloth or a towel, ensuring you reach into the nooks and crannies to remove dust or grime.
  3. Tackle the capsule container: Open the machine’s top and remove the used container. Empty it and give it a good rinse.
  4. Vinegar cleaning solution: Mix white vinegar and water in a separate bowl in equal measure. Use the small brush dipped in this mixture to scrub the interior of the capsule container. After scrubbing, rinse it thoroughly and place it back inside the machine.
  5. Internal wipe down: Using a damp cloth, clean the machine’s internal areas, paying special attention to the sections around the water tank and any other spots where residues may gather.
  6. Flushing: Fill the water tank with the vinegar solution you prepared. Once you plug in and turn on the machine, it will run the solution through, helping to descale and clean the internals.
  7. Final steps: Once the flushing is complete, remove and dispose of the used capsules. Finally, empty and rinse the water tank, and your machine is ready for your next coffee session!

For users of the Mr. Coffee Coffee maker, we’ve covered an extensive guide on cleaning the Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker.

How to fix the machine’s blinking orange light three times?

When you notice the light blinking three times, it is crucial to either descale your machine or empty the capsule container. Remember, descaling can take roughly 15-20 minutes, so ensure you have set aside enough time.

How to fix the orange blinking light fading in and out?

When the orange light on your Nespresso machine pulses by fading in and out, it’s signaling that the device has gotten too hot. This isn’t uncommon, especially if you’ve been making consecutive cups of coffee.

Simply put, your machine needs a break. To address this, switch the device off, disconnect it from the power source, and lift the machine head. Allow it to sit idle for about 30 minutes to cool off. After that, you should be able to resume brewing as usual.

Nespresso orange/red/green light blinking
If your Nespresso has orange/red/green light blinking even after descaling, try other fixes.

How to fix the light blinking two times in one second and turning off?

If you encounter this problem during your brew process, double-check that you have used a clean, undamaged capsule and that it is correctly positioned. Make sure the device is securely locked. If the light continues to flash, try a new coffee pod, close it, and press the start button.

How to fix the light blinking for 1.5 seconds and turning off for half a second?

If your Vertuo shows a blinking light, it signals that the water tank needs refilling. Simply top up the container with fresh water and press the start button to continue.

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How to reset your Nespresso?

Screenshot 2023 10 27 225533
Nespresso will require a reset if the light blinking problem does not resolve.

A quickly blinking orange light sometimes indicates a need for a factory reset. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the lid and take out the capsule.
  2. Close the lid, but keep it in the unlocked position.
  3. Within 3 seconds, press the button five times in a row.
  4. Once done correctly, the light will flash slowly 5 times, confirming the reset is complete.

How to fix the blinking orange light that goes white after three seconds?

This signal indicates the need for a descaling process. The machine will only function once this is done. Once you have finished descaling, the orange alert light will turn off, and the device will operate normally.

Resetting your Nespresso machine with a blinking orange light

When you see your Nespresso machine’s orange light flashing, it is often a sign that it needs cleaning or descaling. To reset it:

  1. Start by opening the machine head and removing any capsule inside.
  2. Close the head but leave it in the unlocked position.
  3. Press the button quickly 5 times within a three-second span. If done correctly, the orange light flashes thrice over 3 seconds, indicating a successful reset. After this, the light will turn steady green.

The entire procedure will take roughly 20 minutes, so ensure you allocate enough time. After this reset, your Nespresso machine should be ready for use!

Descaling your Nespresso Machine

Cleaning Nespresso components
Use a soft cloth to clean Nespresso components

Every coffee machine, including the Nespresso, needs periodic descaling. This typically happens semi-annually, but frequent users might need to do it more often.

Over its lifetime, a coffee maker accumulates mineral deposits like calcium and lime, mainly from the water it uses. This buildup is nearly inevitable, especially if you are using tap/hard water.

Descaling solutions work by running through the machine, effectively breaking down and removing these mineral residues. Here’s a guide on how to descale your Nespresso:

  1. Turn on the machine: The descaling solution will flow like coffee.
  2. Empty the machine: Remove the capsule container, drip tray, and any leftover capsules.
  3. Position a cup: Place a container or cup under the coffee spout, as the descaling solution will be dispensed from here.
  4. Prepare the descaling solution: Mix approximately 16 ounces of water with the recommended amount of the descaling solution (check the solution’s instructions).
  5. Heat up: Allow about 5 minutes for the machine to heat.

The exact descaling steps might vary depending on your Nespresso model, but generally:

  1. Initiate descaling mode: Press the top two or three buttons for a few seconds. The number of buttons depends on your machine model.
  2. Observe the indicators: Typically, rapid blinking lights on the machine signify the start of the descaling process.
  3. Double up: Run the descaling solution through the machine again for thorough cleaning.
  4. Rinsing: Rinse the machine by running clean water cycles multiple times (around 2-3 times would be enough), ensuring a complete flush of the solution.
  5. Exit descaling mode: End the process by pressing the same buttons to initiate descaling.

After this, your Nespresso machine should be free of mineral buildup and ready to brew delicious coffee again!

You might be interested in knowing that you can also clean your coffee maker without vinegar, and it is an incredibly simple process too.

Wrapping Up

The flashing orange light on your Nespresso machine is only sometimes a cause for alarm. Usually, it is just the machine’s way of signaling routine maintenance needs, like descaling, refilling water, resetting, or cooling down from overheating.

So, if your Nespresso displays a blinking orange light, stay calm. It is likely telling you to descale, refill the water tank, reset the device, or, in more intricate cases, reach out to Nespresso’s customer service.

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